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Telegram messenger vs Telegram X

Telegram is one of the most popular messenger with millions of users. The amazing features of the application has made it world widely famous. Now Telegram has released another version of itself which was Challegram at the first and the name was changed into Telegram X. By coming of the new version, many users start trying the app. The new version is still discussable and in the experimental level. Although both applications are the amazing messengers, there are some different features which make one of them superior. Many Android and IPhone users have installed Telegram X and they give many compliments and complaints over the messenger. In this article, we compare Telegram messenger vs Telegram X to get to know these apps better.

Telegram messenger vs Telegram X

Telegram X now is the official version of Telegram because it has been confirmed by Telegram itself. According to official Telegram website, Telegram X is completely separate from the main telegram and has a new code base. Now there are some of the differences which we are going to study In the following.


One of the differences in Telegram messenger vs telegram X comparison, the new version has the ability to display images in full screen and without creating margins. This make the images look more real and brilliant. On the other hand, On Telegram messenger, each picture you send or receive has a frame which makes the image much smaller in the chat environment. By using Telegram X you can also exchange large files with no cost and also it enables you to download and send an unlimited number of files all for free.


One of the most important differences of Telegram messenger vs Telegram x is the accessibility and availability. Telegram messenger is available for Android, IPhone, Linux, Windows phone, MacOS and Windows NT. While Telegram X is only available for Android and IPhone.

Ghost mode

One of the most useful feature of Telegram X is a new ghost mode of that which Telegram messenger lacks. By using this feature, there is no need to go through the chat page in order to read the message. Telegram X make the message appear on your home screen without showing the tick of read message. This can be a good option for the ones who do not want to chat but wants to read their message.

Night mode

There is also a night mode tab which you ca access by the menu on Telegram X. This feature is really cool and works well with OLED screens.This feature is not available on Telegram messenger but you can change your theme into darkness by setting. There is also an automatic night mode which uses the light sensors to have a same transition between night mode and the regular theme color.

Bubble mode

On telegram X, there is a bubble mode toggle emulates the standard way of viewing messages in the text bubble form. This is one of the standards of telegram messenger. The difference is that you can turn it off or on on telegram X and have the post appear in the straight line.

Slide feature

One of the features of Telegram X is that you can forward the message only by sliding your finger to the right side. So the only thing you need to do is to hold your finger on the desired message and slide it to the right.  In this version, you can also slide your finger to the right or left on the home screen to enter the chat or call page.

Home user interface

Telegram X has a slightly different home user interface in comparison with the regular Telegram app. Telegram messenger has dedicated call option on the menu, While on Telegram X, chats and calls are separated by tabs similar to WhatsApp messenger. Another thing about Telegram X is the swipe right menu which has classic material design menu. When you login on both apps, you will notice the sidebar of Telegram X is smaller with fewer options. But the good thing is Telegram X is faster than Telegram messenger thanks to its fluid animations.

Video option

Another feature which was added on the Telegram X, is the ability to keep video playing even when you exit the page of that. In this case, without interrupting video playback, you can enter different chat pages and read other messages, but the video will not be stopped.

Tabbed saved messages

A cool feature of Telegram X is within the Saved Messages. Saved Messages is good for people to save stuff like posts, documents or media and this is tabbed on Telegram X. This makes it easier to locate your saved posts. On the Telegram messenger app, you have to tap on the Saved Messages icon then tap on the drop down menu to access the tabs, which is an extra step too many.

New gestures

Long pressing chats and channels reveals a preview of them. This gesture only reveals a pin, delete, clear history or leave channel options in the regular Telegram Messenger. This gesture also allows you to pin chats a maximum of 5 like the regular Telegram Messenger. There is also another gesture that enables you to create a new chat, group, channel and secret chat. Just hold onto the compose button at the bottom right and the options will appear. On the Telegram messenger app, you only needed to tap on the compose button to do the above.

Last words

With all the new features the Telegram X offers, it’ll be hard to resist the app. Both the Telegram messenger and Telegram X are both amazing apps, but the Telegram X is more innovative. Although, you should know that the Telegram X is still in its early stages, it’s still experimental. Some users of the Telegram X have complained saying the faster animation slows their iPhone or iPad. Also, some users of the app on Android smartphone have had a similar complaint. While for some, the app is working efficiently. So I suggest you try both apps out and then pick which one that works well for you. You can also read more about the advantages of Telegram X here to see the differences of Telegram messenger vs Telegram X.


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create GIF

Telegram is one of the most popular applications among the people in all over the world. By coming the new versions, it presents more and more interesting equipment. One of the last feature of this messenger was creating own stickers and own emojis which were going to meet by the users. Now there is another feature which enables you to create GIF of your own videos. Because of the low size and easy sharing, GIFs  are so popular among users. Do not depend on the Telegram GIF makers and do not let the ready GIFs limit your creativity. If you find some videos interesting, you can change them into GIF so easily by using the most useful and free applications for Android and Ios.

Use telegram to Create GIF

One of the easiest way to create GIF is using the application itself. Remember that for making GIFs you need to upgrade your Telegram to the last version even if you want to use third party applications. Fortunately, the last version of Telegram presents this feature for the users to choose their favorite videos from the attached files which is shown by a clamp. You can also record your video using the front and back camera. After choosing the file, turn off the speaker mute your video. Now your GIF is ready to be sent.

Use third party apps to create GIF

Although using the Telegram messenger itself is the easiest way, you will not have a real GIF as you see some in the application. Any GIF has 256 different colors which makes it so unique. Something that you record is a simple video which was looped with any especial effect. There are many professional GIF maker applications that get you know what is real GIF is.


One of the most professional applications is Gifboom which is free and available for Android and Ios. This application in addition to making GIF has many other features like editing pictures and also videos. It doesn’t limit you to just use videos for creating GIF but enables you to take or choose your photos from gallery. Gifboom enables you to use many different effects like Instagram to have a catchier GIF.


This is one of the other famous applications which is free and available only for Ios. So you can install it on your Iphone r Ipad and benefit the amazing feature. One the application’s feature which distinguish it from others is that it can change an especial part of the photo into the GIF and not all of them. It means that it can keep all the parts of the photo and animate just especial part of that as you select which part.


Gifture is another editing application which is really look like Instagram and it also has some features of Instagram like the professional effects. This application enables you to choose any video you want and turn it into the GIF and also helps you to edit the speed of playing and frame rate of your GIF. Unfortunately, Gifture is not available for Android and just the Ios users can install it.


This application like the two above, is just for ios and still not available for Android. One the features of this application is that it can make a category and classifies your GIFs so you can easily select your desired GIF to send it for others.


Despite of the others application which were available just for ios, gifantor is available just for Android. This is not a simple application which just change the videos into the GIFs but also it has many different setting options that you can perform it on your GIF. These options include the speed of the GIF and variety effects and also different frames.


This application is totally different with the others. by installing this application you can choose your videos from gallery or record one and perform your desired setting on that. The only difference is that this application is able to record any voice. So You can mix a video with a different voice from somewhere else or even your own voice. Because of this interesting feature, Vine is more popular among the users.

Other apps

There are many different application to create GIF. We introduced the most useful and popular ones. There are some others apps which does the same as the above applications with just different design. These applications are “My face when”, “GIF camera” and “Giffer” that all of them are available for IOS and not Android.




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create stickers

Nowadays Telegram is one of the most popular applications among the users. This application has many qualifications like making channels, Bots, and variety stickers which attract millions of users in all over the world. One of the other qualifications is creating your own stickers. If you are tired of the  repetitive stickers and can’t find anything especial, Telegram enables you to make your stickers. These stickers can be your pictures or your favorite serial or animation. You can also create stickers of your friends and send them as a gift or surprise.

Initial tips

There are some important tips that are necessary to do before creating stickers. Download the latest version of telegram. Take your photos, just be careful that your pictures shouldn’t have any margin.Change the format of your photos into PNG by using the Photoshop program.Change the dimensions of your photos into 512 in 512 pixels.You have to change the volume of your photos. Te volum shouldn’t be more than 350 kilobytes.

How to create stickers?

There are many ways to create stickers but here we introduce you one of the easiest ways. Clippy robot! In order to use this robot, go to the main page of your telegram and search robot then you will go to the conversation list. Another way is to search “” on your browser and then you will access the conversation page. In order to use this robot, your pictures have to have some characteristics: PNG format, Pictures without any margin.For sending your photos, click on the Attach items and select your photos and send them as Files.When you send your photos you will receive them back by the Webp format and without margin.After two minutes, robot will send you your sticker.Just remember that robot won’t save your stickers. So you have to create it for each use.



Create your stickerpack

If you want to have your own stickers pack, we recommend you another robot “Stickers”. After using this robot, you have to press the (newstickerpack/). The next step is that you choose a name for your package. Then Telegram will send you a message to send it your desired stickers.At the next level you have to send your picture in PNG format and with 512 in 512 pixels. At the last level you will send the name of your package again and robot will send you a link. You can share the link and send it for anyone you want.


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