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Nowadays, probably, one of the most iconic and useful social applications, is Tango app. this app, has a lot of interesting features and the most eye catchy feature of that is video calling and sending voice messages. Tango is available in 14 languages including Arabic, Chinese, and Turkish. it also  caters to more than 200 million users which is forming the base of a social network among its users.

Having all these positive options and features, a question will arises which is “is Tango app safe?” for answering this question, we should consider some factors that will be discussed below.

What is the Tango app?

Users of Tango app, can make video and audio calls. they can also send and receive texts, stickers, photos, videos, and location messages. Like Instagram and Snapchat, Tango has filters, Masks, stickers, games, and avatars that can be used during video calls. you can group contacts together for group messaging. Users can also use Tango to live-stream videos. Tango app also has a social network where users share photos, videos with their followers and see updates from users they follow. in this app, To sign up, users either use their Facebook account or phone number and email address.

Parents should care!

It should be said that any application which encourages users to talk to strangers is very dangerous, especially if the app uses geo-location. furthermore, Users can contact people through their phone’s contact list or strangers who are using the Tango app nearby. adding to this, Tango encourages unhealthy screen time habits by urging users to constantly check the app. This can be detrimental for tweens and teens. There are plenty of opportunities to make in-app purchases, so your children can make the mistake of making several purchases without your knowledge.

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What can parents do?

Parents should consider several positive methods to avoid their teenagers from any insecurities. they can  Teach their children to never share their location on social media and to use geo-location services wisely. they should Remind their children to keep all of their social media posts Light, Bright & Polite, even if the posts are private.

There is a very useful and trusted way, by which you can hack Tango account of your child  and monitor his/her actions. it’s the most powerful spying tool which if you use it, then you can provide more security for your child in these social, online spaces.

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