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connect facebook to skype

Two of the most powerful social applications, which allow you to connect your friends and loved ones, are Facebook and Skype. In terms of starting a fast and secure communication, these two applications, are pioneers. In a comparisson, Facebook is much like a social platform which can be used mostly for sharing posts, videos and photos, while Skype offers high quality international video and phone calls to users around the world. The only thing which may vary in these apps, is the population of users. With over 2.7 billion registered users across the globe, Skype can be considered as a subordinate social application. Still, both of the apps, has done pretty well. You can also use features within these applications if you connect Facebook to Skype. Have you ever gave it a thought that you can connect Facebook to Skype? You may have, but still, don’t know how to do it.

That’s the point. In this post, we have exclusively focused on a way to show you how to connect Facebook to Skype. It would be wonderful if you can stay connected with your Facebook contacts by Skype. By following the steps below, you will know how to connect Facebook to Skype account of yours.

How to connect Facebook to Skype

What an incredible thing if you can connect Facebook to Skype account. You may think it would be pretty difficult doing so. But we have provided you with an awesome simple Skype tip, that will help you with staying in touch with your Facebook friends on Skype.

Before getting started, notice that this tip, is only applied to Skype PC version.

To connect Facebook to Skype, click on “Contacts”, then select “Contact List” and choose “Facebook. Once you do this, you will see the option of “Connect To Facebook” which appears at the bottom of your contact list. This way, you have successfully connected your Facebook account to Skype.

This was too simple and by just a little concentration on the way provided above, you are able to connect Facebook to Skype. You can have your Facebook contacts on your Skype account and chat or call them online.

Is it secure to import your Facebook contacts to your Skype account?

In terms of security, both applications have just enough level of security, although there were a record of hacking for both of them. If you care for your youngsters security on Skype, then we abso bloody lutely suggest you download and install Underspy monitoring application. Use this too to hack Skype profile of your kids and monitor them online. You can also track them and by an access panel, you can see what they do on Skype online environment.

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Skype tips

Skype is an application software which provides video chats and voice calls  between computers,tablets,mobile devices and smartwatches via internet and telephones. Moreover, Skype provides instant messaging services.Users can use texts and video messaging.Video conference call is another capability of Skype.Much of the service is free.Skype needs a mobile phone number for subscription.Skype allows users to communicate by a microphone, a webcam and instant messaging.Skype has over 34 million users around the world.There are some nice Skype tips and tricks.In this article, I am going to explain them to you.

Record Video Messages

Skype is awesome for video calls, audio calls and text-based messaging,but you can still do more!You can record video messages.It is useful for those times when you and your friend can not be online.Right-click on a contact and choose “Send Video Message” to start your recording.

Check the public parts of your profile

Every user has a profile.Some of the information can become” Edit profile” in the “My account page and look at the labels on the right.They show which fields are private and which are not.

Set a password on a group chat

If you don’t want any guests in your group,set a password!

Answer calls automatically

Why should you use this option?Because it is comfortable.Also,you can spy on your home when you are at work.pen up the Tools menu, choose Options and switch to the Calls tab. Under the advanced options is a setting that lets you answer calls automatically.

Other Skype tips are as follows.

Check how you look on screen

You can preview how you look on the camera.To do this, go to the Tools menu,choose options and click on the Video setting.You can click webcam setting for brightness and color levels.

Other Skype tips :add your Facebook friends

You can add updates from your Facebook friends .Choose account setting and link your Facebook profile.Also,you can start video calls with your friends.

Make calls on the web

you can install “Call plugin” for windows.After that, you can find options for calling numbers.

Transfer files over the web

Open a folder in File Explorer and drag a file into the conversation window.Pictures come at once,but you need to accept other files.

Configure your Caller ID

If you call regular mobiles from Skype and you want others to know who is calling,click on your Caller ID.

Use chat commands

You can type commands to control the program.Type “show places” to see all the devices you sign in on.

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Skype vs Imo

The world is growing faster in mobile data networks such as 3G and 4G technology in this world, 2G connection were ruling in all around the world. In that time video calling is like finding an “Unicorn Horse”, This is why because of slower internet and consumed a lot of data pack connection. With the slower net connection video calling is not possible. Video calling has become the trendy and fashionable  nowadays  and it is a popular way to communicate with your friends through mobile devices.Imo app is one of the best video calling app but there are more video calling apps also available on the internet. Skype is also the best video calling app. Here you can get familar with Skype and Imo.Also, you get the comparison of Skype vs Imo.  Let’s see how these two popular apps work.

Skype Features:


Wheather you are connecting with friends,colleagues,family you can get more from your conversations with the latest Skype calling features.These features include:

  • Skype to Skype calls
  • Calls to mobiles and landlines
  • Group calls
  • Skype number
  • Forward calls
  • Caller ID
  • Skype to go


  • One-to-one video calls
  • Group video calls


  • You can send anyone a quick message.You can connect with those who matter with texts,photoes,voice and videos by the following tools.
  • Emojies and Emoticons
  • Video Messaging
  • Instant Messaging
  • Sending Text
  • Voice messages
  • GroupMe


You can give your contacts access to files,videos and photos with the ability to share in many ways such as:

  • Send files
  • Screen sharing
  • Group screen sharing
  • Send contacts

Imo Features:

The main attraction in imo features is definitely its high-quality video calling feature. You can also make group video calls. But imo features does not end here. imo messenger has an extremely simple user interface which help users to get things done on imo with minimum difficulty.

imo also allows users to chat in groups. It is the best way to have fun with your friends and family. You can also use imo to share photos and videos and let your friends know what you have been up to.

Now let’s get the comparison of Skype vs Imo.

Skype vs Imo


Imo App: Instant Messaging in Faster Manner

Skype App: Messaging is comparatively slower than imo app

2. Media Files:

Imo App: Faster transmission of images, pictures, videos and audio files

Skype App: Slower than imo messaging app but faster

3. Video Calling:

Imo App: Instant and HQ video Calling Feature

Skype App: Login ID required and Low quality video calling

4. At Slow Net Connection:

Imo App: Provides High Transmission of chatting

Skype App: It will get struggle

5. GUI:

Another Skype vs Imo difference is in Grafical User Interface.Imo App provides simple and neat interface interface whereas Skype has simple and slightly complicated interface.

How to monitor Skype and Imo

These popular software have become a predominant favorite for third-party chat and call service both for home and business use.So, is it possible to spy, monitor, or track Skype and track Imo in your children devices?Yes,of course you can use a practical app called Underspy which is very easy to use.

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skype feature

Skype always tries to bring out some iconic and new updates to make its users pleased. however in case of its security, it is not doing that much good, since hackers can easily hack Skype profiles. but there are something good with its updates. there were recently some Skype new updates which seemed great. as a new stuff to bring up, Skype has launched a new option that relates to Skype photo effect. the company also confirmed that it released some photo features like face masks, beautiful borders and funny captions. this new stuff, is great since we haven’t seen such a Skype feature for years. other applications like Snapchat and iPhone messenger had such function, but Skype has tried to select suitable labels based on photo content.

New Skype feature

This new feature of Skype is alike of the app, Sprinkles which gives you some standard photo editting tools like captions and emojies. Skype’s photo effects tool, is an advancement of Sprinkle application and it is more unique. this new Skype feature, is released in response to other applications new functions like Snapchat and Instagram. this photo effect capability can be used by selfie and front camera and it will make quick results.

This new capability, uses an Artificial Intelligence and Microsoft’s machines which causes an extraordinary face and age identification. also by identifying your face, it will put a celebrity who looks like you the most, on your face. this feature will also provide you with some pretty captions and labels that analyze your age.

On which devices would it be available?

This new Skype feature is available for Skype’s latest version, as the company stated. this new feature will be available on iOS 8.10. 0.5 or later and android in the near future. the photo effects feature of Skype, will provide you some astonishing and fabulous moments with your friends and contacts of Skype.

As the company stated, a new feature called living photos, will be launched soon. this feature, has the slow motion effects and it will capture every single action of yours in photo. with the combination of these two great features, Skype will surely locate at the top list of social applications.

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