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Signal vs WhatsApp

Nowadays instant messengers offer a variety of useful features. They actually compete to provide their users with more options. But what users are most concerned about is security and privacy. Many messengers claim to be the most secure one, but are they really what they claim to be? It is beyond doubt that WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app around the world. Another app which is especially famous for security is Signal messenger. So, if we are concerned about the security of our data, which of these two applications is a better option? If you want to choose between WhatsApp and Signal messenger and you need help, read this Signal vs WhatsApp comparison to find out more about the features of these two apps.

Signal vs WhatsApp features

What we expect from our messaging apps is a simple interface which allows us to text and call our friends fast and easy. When it comes to simplicity, Signal application does its best to offer all its features in the most convenient way possible.

With regard to simplicity, WhatsApp interface is also user-friendly but as it offers more features than Signal, it may seem a bit more complicated when compared to Signal.

When it comes to features in Signal vs WhatsApp comparison, WhatsApp definitely offers a richer set of features. Many features which are available on WhatsApp are missing on Signal. Here are some of them:

  • Sharing live location
  • Status updates
  • Broadcasting messages
  • Reply, forward, or delete a message
  • Backup messages

But the fact is that many users prefer to have the basic texting and calling features and they are not looking for fancy features. If it is so, Signal is a better option for you. But if you want to get the most out of your messaging app, WhatsApp can be a better choice.

Signal vs WhatsApp user base

When you want to choose between two applications, user base is a very important factor to consider. This is because we use these messaging apps to chat with or call our friends. We need to choose an application which most of our friends are on it. When it comes to user base, WhatsApp is definitely the winner in Signal vs WhatsApp comparison. So if you want to use Signal, you will probably need to convince your friends to install this app as well. But with WhatsApp, you can be almost be sure that your friends have it installed on their phones.

Signal vs WhatsApp security

As I mentioned earlier, security is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to messaging app. We share almost any sort of personal data via our messaging apps and it is absolutely essential to account for its privacy.

Signal application is known to be the most secure applications by many security experts such as Edward Snowden. All the messages and calls on Signal are encrypted end-to-end and this ensures that it would be impossible to hack Signal messenger. Signal uses Open Whisper System protocols for the encryption and it is highly reliable protocol.

WhatsApp also implements end-to-end encryption for all messages and calls and it implements the Open Whisper protocol as well. But one drawback to WhatsApp security is that when you create a backup from your chats, the backups will be saved decrypted and it would be possible to spy on WhatsApp if you access the backups. So in Signal vs WhatsApp security, Signal is a better option.


If you don’t know which application to choose in Signal vs WhatsApp comparison, I must say that you should consider your needs when you want to choose an app. If you want an app which is full of features and you can have all your friends on it, WhatsApp is definitely your option. But if you want a super private app which makes texting and calling fast and easy for you, you must definitely choose Signal messenger.

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android applications

Let’s clear the fact that there are many applications and social networks which doesn’t have the end-to-end encryption option. in fact there are many android and iOS applications that can not be considered to be put in the list of secure android applications. for example, Beetalk messenger doesn’t have the end to end encryption ability, in contrast, Whatsapp have that feature and it is among the most secure applications.

Although, there are insecurities in some social applications that must be an alert to us to be thinking about a good and valuable choice. many choices to avoid this, exists, but which one to trust? Underspy hacking tool, as a reliable tool to control your children’s social application, is the best option for anybody who didn’t try this before. by using this tool, you can spy on your kids android applications to protect them from any harms on online networks.

We have provided a list of secure applications with the ability of end to end encryption below. let’s take a look.

Four top secure android applications


A billion users around the world is using this social application and its security has made it the best of applications. that’s why are examining this application first. this application security is quite good since by default, it protects all messages with end to end encryption capability. hence it prevents any illegal entries from reading chats. there is an individual security code for each user which gives you the possibility to identify other users identity. however, this feature need to activated manually. this security code, protects you from any cyber attacks on your account.


An excellent social app among the secure android applications, is Signal. this app, has been created by a security expert whose name was Moxie Marlinspik. this is a great thing for Signal users since it gives them trust to believing that Signal is in the list of secure android applications. in this android application, you can verify contacts by checking safety numbers or scanning QR codes. however, Signal can’t back up messages in cloud. in Signal you can have group chatting, voice messages, voice calls and also you can send audios, videos, emojies and stickers as well. these are the things that a normal user expect. it also features adding text and drawings on images before sending them.


Telegram now has 100 million users world wide and it is free messaging app. Durow brothers has developed this application in 2013. they are also the founders of VKontakte social network. This social android application, offers opt-in end-to-end encryption and the option that messages self-destruct after a certain time. it can be said that the security of chats and other matters withing Telegram, are pretty nice.

Facebook messenger

this application is a must-need app for Facebook social network on smartphones which if Facebook users want to see their messages on their smartphones, they have to use Facebook messenger application. this messenger, is the second most used application across the globe. This messaging app is mentioned in this list only because it started offering end-to-end encryption using the Signal Protocol last year as well.


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In our world today, messengers has become too functional and usable for instant messaging. According to the latest gatherings, Whatsapp is one step ahead of other applications like Wechat, Telegram an Messenger because of its billions of active users around the world. In this post, we will put Telegram and Singal in a comparison and their features will be perused.

Telegram claimed that it has used standard encryption and Whatsapp also did the same. they can not be investigated for any flaws, however, Telegram encryption has been tested in a security match that didn’t show any signs of flaws. today,it is known that Telegram can not be easily hacked telegram is considered as the most secured social platform and while its clients are opensource, its encryption standard is not.

in the other way around, Signal is open about everything right from its codebase to its encryption protocols and implementation – which in essence, is the beauty of FOSS freedom.

differences of Telegram and Signal in this comparison

Telegram is a secured messenger and it will have a back up of your chat history in it’s servers for speed and security. every message of yours, is highly encrypted and secured and if you are suspicious, there is secret-chat option available which will omit all of your chats without logging your convo on their server.

Signal then again, doesn’t log your data in any way (except those locally stored) – it basically provides a secure medium through which your messages are transmitted and nothing is stored on their servers.

For that, Signal doesn’t log your data in any way (except those locally stored) – it basically provides a secure medium through which your messages are transmitted and nothing is stored on their servers. Signal’s service is completely free to use and it’s main source of income is donations of users while Telegram’s, is financially supported by it’s founder, Pavel Durov. (his source of income is from which is a social network common in some parts of Europe and Russia

In the issue of functionality, Signal isn’t as extensive as telegram, but you will get the most basic benefits of a secure platform which is being able to send your SMS/MMS sand make calls securely without a third party/ISP interfering or intercepting.

Install Signal on your smartphone and PC

In a further comparison of Signal and Telegram, Signal doesn’t have a native client for Linux or any other desktop platform for that matter but can still be used effectively via the official Chrome app (currently in beta) available on the Chrome Webstore.

First and foremost, you’d have to download the Android app from the Play Store after which you’d register with your phone number and import your SMS/MMS from the default messaging app on your device and replace Signal as the new messaging client on your smartphone (if you so please). Next proceed to download the Chrome app from the Chrome Webstore open it and follow the prompts and you should be set up and ready to go in no time.

It is a con of Signal desktop that it doesn’t support the secure call function and it will only work in sync with your Android device; iPhone owners won’t be able to enjoy this feature at this time….but they shouldn’t worry, iOS support is underway so you can check their GitHub regularly for updates.

Also, Signal on the desktop will not sync your old chat history on your smartphone before the time you had it installed on your PC and it’s recommended that you use the Chrome browser or its open source cousin Chromium. On the other hand, Vivaldi works equally well — since it based off Chromium.

In a nutshell, it can be said that we can not choose one of these applications as the best. actually, every one of them have their own pros and cons, however the number of pros and cons, may differ.

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Signal messenger tips and tricks

There are many messengers nowadays which offer a handful of features but many people now prefer to focus on security and privacy. One of the instant messengers which is known for being highly secure is Signal messenger. Signal provides its users with end-to-end encryption for all of the messages as well as calls which makes it almost impossible to hack Signal messenger. More importantly, Signal messenger is open source which means that everyone can inspect its codes to find security issues. Do you want to learn more about this messenger? Read this article about Signal messenger tips and tricks.

Signal messenger tips and tricks – disappearing messages

In order to delete any Signal message on your device, just simply long press on the message and then you will see the option to delete it. Signal saves your messages only locally, so you can get rid of a message for good if you delete it from your device.

There is a simple Signal messenger tips which allow you to set a timer for your conversations so that they would disappear after the set time. This feature is somehow similar to Telegram Secret Chat feature. Here is how you can use this feature on Signal messenger:

For iPhone users: Click on your conversational partner’s name at the top of the screen to open the conversations settings menu.

For Android users: Click the settings icon in the top right corner. Click “Disappearing Messages.”

Use the slider to specify a time within which your messages will disappear for you and your friend

Verify sessions for security

These cool Signal messenger tips allow you to know if your conversation is intercepted by a third-party app.You can use Signal messenger safety number to verify your sessions.

Open a conversation with someone. For iPhone, click the person’s name at the top of the screen. On Android, click the Settings > Conversation settings > Verify safety numbers. From there, you’ll see a QR code and your safety numbers.

If you and your partner are seeing the same numbers, then your conversation is secure.

Signal messenger screenshot protection

Signal messenger does not allow users to take screenshots to maximize security. These steps allow you to enable or disable screenshot feature on your Signal messenger:

  1. Launch Signal messenger
  2. Tap on the menu
  3. Choose Settings
  4. Tap on Privacy
  5. Tap the “Screen security” option. If you see the slider to the right with a blue color, then you now have enabled screenshots.

How to block someone on Signal messenger

This Signal messenger tips allow you to block a person on this messenger so that you will never hear from them again. it is actually so simple to do that.

Launch Signal messenger and tap on your contact’s name or number. Then choose “Block” from the list of options. On the popup, tap “Block” to confirm.

In order to unblock a person on Signal messenger, in the message thread with the contact, just tap on “Unblock” at the bottom, then tap “Unblock” on the pop up. Or, you can tap on the user’s name or number again at the top of the thread, tap “Unblock,” then confirm.

How to lock Signal messenger app with passphrase

Signal messenger provides its users with a great security feature which allows them to set a passphrase for their Signal app. These Signal messenger tips show you how you can do that:

Open menu (three dots) from top right corner of Signal messenger then choose “Settings.” Next, open up “Privacy” and toggle on “Enable passphrase.” This will not only lock Signal messages but notification previews as well.

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