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how to use LINE

There are many chat and communication applications that have been published in recent years such as WhatsApp, Viber, imo, Tango and others, which support sending messages and making voice calls, Which has appeared and spread very much in recent years. One of the most popular messaging applications is LINE messenger which is used for text and voice calls and video calls, but the application has more features that are not available in other messaging apps. Here is how you can use LINE application.

Features of LINE application

LINE application allows you to send text messages for free, make free voice calls, make video calls for free, chat for free, send links and features of the application that contains more than 250 series of stickers that can be downloaded and used easily. In addition, you can download the desktop version of LINE to use LINE application on your computer. It is also available in many languages ​​so that all people around the world can easily use it to connect with their friends either in individual conversations or in group chat and send them posters, pictures, audio and music or even communicate with them via voice or video calls.

LINE application has been updated with a new version that has many additional features such as sending files through the application, updated messages, and improved the quality of images and videos sent through the application to be the highest quality possible and this to deliver the best service possible to users of LINE application. LINE application is also very secure. This means that it is impossible to hack LINE account and spy on someone’s messages.

Use LINE to share photos

With LINE application, you can send the pictures you want to all your friends who use the application on their smart phones anywhere in the world only through the availability of the Internet, whether through mobile data or Wi-Fi network.

Choose all the photos you may want to share with your friends anywhere in the world and at the highest possible quality. Enjoy your friends’ sharing of your favorite moments and photos through this free application.

Use LINE to send fun stickers

There are more than 150 beautiful and fun stickers you can use to create a fun atmosphere for text conversations between you and your friends. Use them to express your situation, and even create a light and pleasant atmosphere for conversations. Just select the sticker set you like and suit your taste. And download it from the app.

Use LINE to have group conversations with your friends

With LINE application, you can create many group conversations so you and your friends can talk together in small or large groups. You can talk to a very large number of people at the same time, sharing news, photos, video clips, fun stickers, and your most beautiful moments.

Use LINE to contact your friends

You can make an endless number of free calls through LINE application, so you can communicate with all your friends all the time. It’s easy. Your friends should have the same application on their smartphones and you can communicate whenever you want. All you have to do is choose the person you want to talk to from the friends list and press the speaker icon.

Use LINE to make video calls

One of the most important features that has made LINE application unique and wonderful is the presence of the feature that allows to make video calls without any limit around the world with the best quality.

Use LINE to play games with your friends

You can play a lot of diverse and fun games through this application with all your friends who have the same application. Just enter the application and click on LINE games and choose the game you want.

Use LINE to write and share posts

One of the new features of LINE application is that you can share temporary posts through the application with your friends who have the same application. Write the post you want and then specify the time period of the post. The time period may be one hour, four hours or a maximum of twenty-four hours.

Download LINE application

If you would like to use LINE application, you can easily download it from the links below for your mobile phone or your computer.

Download LINE for Android

Download LINE for iPhone

LINE for Windows

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Line vs Whatsapp

Line and Whatsapp are both apps used for sending text messages, photos and videos and they have different pros and cons. You might be wondering which one is the better app to trust and use so we are going to describe their features and flaws to see which one is the winner of Line vs Whatsapp competition.

Line vs Whatsapp price

Both are free and available on iOS and Android and Windows so you can easily download them if you have an internet connection.

Line vs whatsapp rate on Google

Line 4.2

Whatsapp 4.4


Line vs Whatsapp features and flaws

Whatsapp shows the last time a user was last active while this option is not available on Line application. Also Whatsapp can be personalized but Line can’t be so. It’s possible for you to appear offline without logging out on Whatsapp but not on Line.You might also face some problems trying to start Line application which can be fixed by updating the app or restarting your device.

You can be notified when someone has opened your message and also have a two-way video chat on both apps. It’s important to know that Line has brought more fun to group chats by allowing people to send stickers and emojis.

You can’t ignore security flaws  because the safety of your information could be your first priority and when it comes to this matter people definitely wonder which application could win the Line vs Whatsapp contest. We all know that Whatsapp has recently added end-to-end encryption to every conversation. But researches have found a serious security vulnerability, that could let hackers spy on whatsapp and slide into your group chats. This flaw indicates that a person who controls the Whatsapp server can break the transport layer security. This security flaw also means that encryption would not protect the users who don’t check the group info and so they can’t unaware that their group has been infiltrated.

In the end we are not telling you which app to use and which not to use, we only had a small comparison between the two apps (Line vs Whatsapp) so that you can see which one is better for you.


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