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PhoneSheriff application

Phonesheriff investigator is a different monitoring program. This is a computer software program which allows you to monitor Apple devices such as Blackberry and iPhones, iPads, iPods or any other devices. Just remember that it doesn’t work on Android. This application is not able to be installed on smartphone. So you have to install it just on computers. Because it is installed on your PC, you can monitor the phones or devices without having to jailbreak them. The main purpose of this application is to monitor kid’s cellphone and devices. Read more about the PhoneSheriff application below.

How to use PhoneSheriff application?

In order to install the software, you have to access the target phone for a few minutes. The software program allows you to monitor the phone activity through the Apple iCloud service. So you will need the user Apple ID and Password. Remember that it is a computer software program, not a cell phone application, so there is no need to jailbreak. A good thing is that by the licensed program you buy, you can monitor multiple devices through the one installation. It can be a great feature if you want to monitor all of your kids or employees.

Best features of PhoneSheriff application

Just like mSp application, PhoneSheriff gives you the ability to monitor activities online in real time. Your logs are safely stored in your secure web account which is accessible only by you. You can view logs using any computer. See the detailed logging features below.

Text messages

You can secretly read the contents of all the sent and received messages secretly from the phone you are monitoring. There is no place to be worry about the deletion of the messages. PhonSheriff will report all of them even if the victim has deleted them. You can also view all the iMessages chat conversations that take place from your target phone.

Call history

In addition to the messages, your control panel will report all the incoming and outgoing calls with the details of the contact such as contact name, phone number, date, time , and even the call duration. Unfortunately, despite of Underspy which is one of the best monitoring apps, PhoneSheriff doesn’t benefit from the call recording feature.

GPS location tracking

This feature allows you to secretly track a cell phone, so you always know where your kid is. Links to the GPS location are provided using Google Maps, which means you can get information on not only the location, but surroundings businesses, driving directions, etc.

Browsing history

As all the teenagers access smartphone, there is a great anxiety for parents about the websites searching. PhoneSheriff application lets you view the browser history and the URL of the most visited website. The point is that, you are just allowed to access the Safari browser, not any other browser apps.

Social media

This application enables you to monitor all the activities on Social media Especially WhatsApp. Your control panel reports all the activities that the victim does on WhatsApp such as messages, calls and the sent and received images ad videos as long as the victim saves them on the gallery. It means that you have a complete control on the gallery of the target phone. In addition to WhatsApp, PhoneSheriff is able to spy Snapchat and all the included activities.

Installed applications

If you ask parents about the dangers of smartphones, they all will mention to the installed applications. Especially the dating apps which are not safe for many teenagers. PhoneSheriff lets you block or uninstall any suspicious application on your target device.

Anti Abduction

This is a new feature of this application. By using this feature you can trace the path of the monitored phone via Google maps and see street view. Take camera snapshots remotely and record audio surroundings of the phone.


One of the great feature of this application is the word alerts. It means that you can specify a word that seems dangerous to your child like Sex, Drug, Porn,Gun or any other things. As long as the victim uses the set words in any chat messenger, your control panel alerts you and send the full content of that message.

Other features

In addition to all the above features, PhoneSheriff enables you to check the calendar and view the set appointment and other occasions which are important to your victim. You can also access the saved noted on the target device.


I hope you have found this article useful. if you have decided to care and protect your child or anybody else, download and install PhoneSheriff without any doubt.

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There are many phone tracking application available on the market. These applications can be used to find the location of a specific device whenever you want These applications are also a great tool for parents to always stay in the know about the whereabouts of their kids. It is true that there is a great bunch of these applications available, but you definitely need to make a wise choice among them. You need to choose a mobile phone tracker app which gives you the best monitoring experience in a user-friendly interface. So if you are puzzled and it is difficult for you to make choice, I will give you a practical review in this article. If you are looking for a phone tracking application, read along for this tutorial.

What can a mobile phone tracker do?

Before I go on to introduce you the best cell phone tracker application, first of all I am going to give you some hints on what to expect from a good phone tracker.

The first thing you need to know about a GPS tracker is that you definitely need to get the app installed on your target phone which is the phone that you would want to track. There are some apps or online tools which claim they can track a phone by just a phone number. But let’s be realistic. There is no such thing as mobile phone tracker via phone number. Don’t fall into the trap of advertisements or websites that try to get the app installed on your device.

A mobile GPS tracker starts to monitor the device’s location as soon as it is installed on the device. In order to have an anonymous tracking, you can use applications that run in hidden mode. The app uploads location updates to your control panel, which is usually on the website associated with the app and you just need to login to your control panel to start monitoring.

A mobile phone tracker enables you to receive location updates on fixed time intervals and view travelled paths on a daily basis. In addition, some GPS tracking apps come with geo-fence feature. This feature allows you to define allowed and restricted areas on a map and you will be alerted whenever the device enters a exits the area.

Underspy – Best mobile phone tracker application

As I mentioned earlier, there are many monitoring applications available on the market. But if you want to have a good GPS tracking experience, you will need to choose the most reliable one. One of the best mobile monitoring applications especially for mobile phone tracking is Underspy application.

Underspy is a comprehensive monitoring tool which comes with a mobile phone tracker feature. This apps is designed for parents who would want to be always aware of where their kids are.

  • Underspy runs in hidden mode to allow you to monitor the device anonymously
  • It allows you track GPS location real-time
  • Receive location updates based on GPS or cell tower
  • View travelled paths on a map
  • Define allowed and restricted zones
  • Receive live location

Start Monitoring Now !

Why Underspy is the best mobile phone tracker application?

When it comes to mobile phone tracker applications, you need to choose an app which allows you to track the location of your target device real-time. Underspy is one of the most professional tools that can be used for phone tracking.

Another important thing to consider about Underspy is that this application is not just a mobile phone tracker. In fact, this application offers a number of great monitoring features. Here are some of them:

  • Track and record all the calls
  • Track text messages
  • Monitor messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, imo, etc.
  • View visited websites and block specific websites

Why would you need a mobile phone tracker application?

If you are a concerned parent and you want to find out where your kids are once they leave home, a GPS tracker application can help you to always be aware of where your kids are. You will no longer need to worry about their safety as you can always keep a watchful eye on their whereabouts.

Also, if you have an elderly in your family who is suffering from Alzheimer, you are probably aware that how crucial it is to know where they are once they leave home. In this case, a mobile phone tracker application can help you track their location when they leave home.

In addition, as an employer you may want to track your employees on a map. This can be possible with the help of a GPS tracker. In this way, you can define zones for your employees and know if they are where they are supposed to be or if they are evading work and are spending their time somewhere else. You can enhance your business with the help of a cell phone tracker for employees.

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blocked on snapchat

Snapchat, as the biggest social media like Instagram and Facebook, is now becoming bigger and bigger. many fantastic options, exist on this application and thousands of users are enjoying having a nice Snapchat messenger experience. but is everybody aware of all of its features? may be not. as an example, one of its features, is that you can block someone if you desire to not to be in touch with him/her anymore. but what if you are blocked on Snapchat and you don’t know who is that? this is a question for many Snapchat users, who would like to know who has blocked them. in this post, we have decided to show a way to know whether someone has blocked you or not.

How to know if you are blocked on Snapchat?

It may have happened to you a lot that makes you wonder who has blocked you on Snapchat even are you blocked on Snapchat at all and why? well, about the reason it may be a thousands of reasons behind this but knowing who has blocked you may seems more important to you.

You can realize who has blocked on Snapchat messenger if he/she is disappeared from your contact list. you can no longer find them on your contact list. if you want to check whether your contact has blocked you or not, you can try searching his name on search bar within Snapchat messenger. in general, blocking, is somehow a disappearance from social media and once someone disappeared from your contact list, it means that he/she blocked you.

There are also sometimes when someone has blocked you, but you still have him/her as your friend. the only thing which you are unable to do in such situations, is that you can’t see your friend’s stories and posts.

Is there also a way that allows you to know if someone has hacked your Snapchat messenger?

There is a famous saying which is “Prevention is better than cure”, means that we must prevent something bad from happening beforehand. so for the sake of providing more secure and safe environment for our kids, it is better to find a way to spy on Snapchat account of our kids and take care of them on Snapchat messenger. you can download Underspy hacking tool to hack snapchat and access you kids Snapchat profile to control him/her online. as mentioned above, you can prevent a disaster on your kids Snapchat by taking care of it beforehand.

Try to download this application as it can act as a great assist to monitor you kids and tracking them on Snapchat messenger.

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People who are mistreatment the Facebook app on their automaton devices square measure currently forced to transfer the Facebook traveler app if they require that feature. the actual fact is that for these days, the Facebook app doesn’t support the chat feature on automaton devices because the company has launched Facebook traveler that completely has this operate. As a result, the Facebook traveler app will build calls, send messages, and take footage while not notifying the user, that could be a serious concern so. Thus, several trade consultants and users have recognized the actual fact that the Facebook traveler app could be a new generation of Facebook Messenger Monitoring applications.Why do individuals issue that Facebook traveler could be a spy? simply explore the subsequent list of permissions that this app asks for once users wish to put in it on automaton devices! sadly, most of the people don’t trouble reading the terms and conditions, that build true even worse. If you wish to observe someone’s messages, then you may want a special Facebook Messenger Monitoring app

Facebook courier app has been downloaded for over a billion times

Just imagine, the Facebook courier app has been downloaded for over a billion times, and nobody even asked for a proof relating to its new necessities permitting to Facebook Messenger Monitoring every and each user.

Why You Need Facebook Messenger Monitoring

he spy phone app features a terribly sensible feature that enables you to to spy on the computer code you’ll be able to read the Facebook chats, a spoken communication that has been taken place on the target phone. With the assistance of this feature, you can Facebook Messenger Monitoring very simply this feature permits you to look at all the chats that are done by the target person. you’ll be able to get all the main points of the person with whom you’re chatting with like name you’ll be able to understand the Facebook I’d of the person.

Why Hack Facebook Messages are useful?

Facebook Spy Underspy helps you to spy Facebook Messages that area unit sent from the automaton phone. the whole text message that was done by the user are saved as chats on the target phone. The target phone can assist youto induce all the knowledge of each incoming and incoming message. This Spy ware additionally helps you to avoid wasting all the audio and video files that your Facebook chats consists off so you’ll be able to spy Facebook Messages terribly simply.

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hack BBM messages

BBM (blackberry messenger) is one of the most popular messengers out in the market. But is it possible to hack BBM messenger or spy on someone’s BBm account without them knowing? There are many people who would want to use a hack tool to spy on BBM and see what other people are up to. But is it really possible to hack BBM messages? If you are curious to find the answer to these questions continue reading as I’m about to give you the best solution.

Why do you need to hack BBM messages

Did you know that your kids are in grave danger if you don’t keep an eye on their online activities? Instant messengers such as BBM are a great way to make new friends. But it is also a way that your kids can meet up with strangers. That is why parents need to keep a watchful eye on their kids’ instant messengers. This can be done with a help of a monitoring application.

Do you suspect that your girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating on you? By using a hack tool you can always find the truth about your relationship. Use a BBM spy to hack BBM messages and find out if your partner is really honest with you.

Are your employees spending most of their valuable time chatting away on instant messengers such as BBM? Well, you can always keep an invisible eye on them by using a monitoring tool. Also, you can make sure that your employees are not sharing your valuable data with your competitors through instant messengers such as BBM.

Best BBM spy tool

There are a number of spy tools out in the market which are designed to monitor instant messengers. But they mainly focus on more popular instant messengers such as WhatsApp. If you are looking for a way to hack BBM messages, you will need to find a monitoring application that is able to spy on BBM messages as well.

One of the most professional monitoring and parental control apps out in the market is Underspy. Underspy comes with BBM tracker feature. This feature is not available on many of the well-known monitoring applications.

Uderspy BBM tracking feature allows you to:

  • Get full access to all incoming and outgoing BBM messages
  • View time stamps for each message
  • Runs in hidden mode so you can hack BBM messages in stealth
  • Access all the data directly from your personal Control Panel

How can I have the best BBM spy tool

In order to start spying on BBM messages, all you need to do is to download Underspy and install it on your target device. As I mentioned in the previous section, Underspy runs in hidden mode so your target person will never find out that they are under control. Use Underspy to put all your worries to rest and safeguard your kids, your relationship and your business.

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