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unreport Instagram

Imagine the world of technology without any rule. What would happen? Anyone can bothers other people by establishing inappropriate and spam posts, messages, comments and so on. If there were not any option to block or report someone from the social network, you would have to tolerate the intruders or totally leave the social network. Fortunately, every social network has its own rules and if any person do not respect them, they are going to be reported or blocked by the application. Instagram is one of the most secured applications which has a great number of users. It is so wider than all the messengers and has its own rules to comfort its users. It is a really sensitive application that doesn’t allow the users to step beyond the rules. There are many questions about these rules that who blocked us, how to report someone and finally how to unreport Instagram account.

Why Instagram reports users?

As I mentioned above, any social application has its rules . So you can read the rules of Instagram at the Terms part of the app. Instagram has many reasons to report or block someone.

Instagram’s report

For example, if you upload too many posts frequently at the same time, Instagram will report you because it found this suffering for others. Imagine you want to check your home and you will face with a lot of posts from just one username. Other disrespects such as writing too many  comments, liking too many posts, using great amounts of emojis and following too many users may report you. The good point is that this reporting is temporarily and Instagram is going to unreport you after some whiles like one month.

People’s report

The other reasons that Instagram will report you is the people. This application set some rules to respect the other users. So it doesn’t let you copy the others’ posts with your name, send unethical and inappropriate comments like advertisements and threatening contents. People have this option if someone bothered them, they can report or block them. In this case, you can not use your account or it will be deleted. But do not worry, we will inform you how to unreport Instagram account.

How to unreport Instagram account?

As there are many reasons to report someone, there are many ways to unreport. Instagram presented some ways for its users to be active again. Here we introduce some easy ways:

English comment

One the common ways that you see a lot among your followers is “Please write an English comment for me”. This method will help you to show Instagram that you are not an asshole and others want you to stay and be active.

Email account

If you do not like to upload English comment post, you can change your email. Click on “edit my profile” and go to “private information”. In this part you have to edit your email or phone number, otherwise you can change them totally. After editing your email account, you will receive a message which contains a link that you have to click on that. Be careful about the links. Do not click on any link that was available on your page because they may be malware or Trojan.

Action blocked

Whenever you got reported as long as you open your app, you will see an action blocked message. This message involves two options that you have to press on the “tell us”. In this case, Instagram will send you a message that contains a list which you have to fill your information on that and send your picture to recognize you as a real person not a robot. If there were not any problems, the supporters  will unreport Instagram for you after a few days.

Send a letter

Go to the setting of the Instagram and click on “report a problem”. This option is available for all the users to inform the application from the defects that may happen to you. When you click on report a problem, there are some options that you have to select “something isn’t working”. You will receive a form that you have to write an explanation for the application to unreport Instagram. You can also visit the main website of the Instagram and announce it tat you have been hacked. Instagram will check your information and give you back your account.

Who reported us?

One of the other ways to unreport Instagram account is to ask the people who reported you to unreport. But at first you have recognize who blocked you. Instagram doesn’t have this qualification to inform you directly who reported you. In order to check this out, you may be doubtful about some people. So it is better to check their account. If their account was private they did and even if you follow them and it gets back to follow your doubt was true.



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save Instagram stories

A lot of people are looking for the best way to save Instagram stories or download photos and videos from Instagram. In order to do so, you can download StorySave application to be able to save images and videos from Instagram directly. The original Instagram application does not allow the possibility of downloading stories from Instagram. In this, I will show you how to download Instagram stories of your friends. You can also find out more about the StorySave application and the most important features that it provides users.

How to save Instagram stories

saving stories is one of the most sought after features of social networking applications. Many users would want to save stories on Instagram without their friends’ knowledge and without root access.

Instagram story feature is the idea of ​​publishing pictures and videos that were taken immediately with the addition of some modifications such as adding text comments, filters and effects of images or video and published to friends and followers immediately and for 24 hours after the end of this period of publication it is automatically deleted from the application. You can also see people who have opened your photos or posts.

This feature has impressed many users of Instagram and attracted millions of users to experience Instagram and enjoy the features of the new update.

Instagram story is a great feature indeed. But there are people who would want to download the photos and videos that they see in the stories. Downloading the posts is not available in the original Instagram application, but you can download some third-party apps which allows you to do. There are many applications that allow you to download photos and videos from Instagram such as OGInsta but StorySave is definitely the best one which can be used to save Instagram stories.

What is StorySave?

The advantage of downloading and saving the clips of Instagram stories is something that everyone is looking for and it is necessary to provide an application or a program that gives us this feature for free. One of the most important features of StorySave application is that it is completely free and you can download it from the Android Google Play Store easily.

You can download this program and take advantage of its features and be able to save the clips of Instagram without Android root.

It is one of the best Android applications that provide the ability to download Instagram stories of your friends. In order to use this app, all you are required to do is to log in with your Instagram account, and start downloading the stories of your friends.

This application allows you to keep the pictures and clips of the Instagram stories in a special file in the gallery on your mobile phone.

How to use StorySave to save Instagram stories?

With StorySave application you can download Instagram story clips without root. You can download  stories after viewing them with the same original quality in your phone gallery. You can download only your friends’ stories. You cannot download stories from people who you do not follow.

The first thing you need to do in order to use StorySave application is to download it from the link at the end of this article. When you open this application on your mobile phone, you will see that you need to enter your username and password to login to your Instagram account.

Then you will see the list of friends and people you follow and the list of stories they posted in the last 24 hours from the moment you enter.

Open the story that you want to download and move left and right to move between the stories. Click on the download icon below the image or section so that you can download them on your phone and keep them.

Download StorySave

The advantage of downloading and saving the clips of Instagram stories is something that everyone is looking for and what is necessary is an application that gives us this feature for free. One of the most important features of StorySave is that it is completely free and you can download it from the Android and Google Play free of charge. However, if you have any trouble downloading it from Google Play, you can use the direct link below to download it.

Download StorySave

I hope you found this tutorial article useful. If you have any questions or any trouble downloading the file, please don’t hesitate to mention it in the comments section.

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download oginsta

It is very easy to use OGInsta application which is a modified version of the official Instagran application. This app allows you to run more than one account on the same platform and on the same mobile phone. So, you can activate more than one Instagram account on the same phone. Many people used to look for this feature. But since the official Instagram application added the ability to have more than one account on the same device, users will no longer need to use OGinsta to have this feature. However, one feature which is still missing in Instagram is the ability to download Instagram photos and videos or save Instagram stories. In this article, I will show you how you can download OGinsta application to save Instagram photos.

How to save Instagram stories?

You can download OGInsta application to have more than one Instagram application on your phone. Of course, this saves you a lot of time and effort, but this is not the only feature that OGInsta offers.

For all lovers of Instagram, OGInstagram now exclusively offers the ability to save your friends’ Instagram stories to your phone gallery. Since this feature is not available in the original Instagram application, many people are looking for the link to download OGInsta free and be able to save Instagram stories.

There are many similar applications such as Instagram Plus which allows you to save posts on Instagram. But OGInsta application is definitely one of the best apps in this category.

Features of OGInsta

Here are some of the most important features you can have if you download OGInsta application:

  1. If you want to install Instagram plus, you should delete the original Instagram app, but if you want to download oginsta, you can install it next to the original Instagram and without the need to delete it.
  2. Save your friend’s Instagram stories easily.
  3. You will not need to root Android phone to use OGInsta to download Instagram videos.
  4. Allows you to open, activate and run a second Instagram account on the same mobile.
  5. You can send and share any video or image from Instagram.
  6. Upload or download photos of Instagram without cropping the photo.
  7. Upload videos of more than 60 seconds to Instagram story.
  8. Open profile pictures of your friends.

Download OGInsta

If you would like to use OGInsta, you can download it directly from the link provided below.

OGInsta APK download

I hope you found this tutorial article useful. If you have any questions or any trouble downloading the file, please don’t hesitate to mention it in the comments section.

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download Instagram Plus

Finally, you can own more than one Instagram account on your iPhone, completely free and without the need of the work of jailbreak, through the link Download Instagram Plus program for iPhone Last version we offer you At the end of the article. you can have a second Instagram account on iPhone and Android without root or jailbreak plus many features and add-ons that are blocked by the normal Instagram application. from the possibility of saving Instagram photos, and saving Instagram videos, reposting the images or clips via the custom icon, changing the way to display the timeline, using a password to protect the application or using Fingerprint. Instagram Plus is a second application to download on the iPhone which can be used with or without jailbreak.

What is Instagram Plus?

Standard Instagram allows you to open two accounts in the same application by switching between them, but it does not allow you to open two accounts at the same time. If you want to open one account, you must switch to the other and close the first account, but Instagram Plus allows you to open two accounts at the same time. Or it is known in order to download the second Instagram or Download Instagram Mobile 2, you need to either first delete the original Instagram application on your mobile, and download Instagram Plus from the download link. Here I will explain how to open two accounts You will be connected to the same device.

First, if you want to use the original Instagram application, and at the same time you want to download Instagram Plus, you can download Instagram Plus and open both accounts in the two programs together.

What can you do if you download Instagram Plus

Instagram Plus gives you many options that you can not find in Instagram, and the most important features of Instagram Plus for iPhone or android are:

  • Save images from the clipboard and save clips.
  • The ability to share a photo on your profile, and create a picture of your photos and clips.
  • Control the timeline view of images and clips according to the way that suits you.
  • Password to protect application, or use fingerprint if your iPhone supports this feature.
  • View and save the full size profile of friends.
  • The presence of Instagram Plus does not eliminate the presence of original Instagram application.
  • Upload photos and videos from Instagram to the gallery directly without the need for Android root.
  • Download Stories for friends without their knowledge.
  • Open the profile picture in the bottom of the window.
  • Enlarge any image in the clipboard in a large frame and in the size you want.
  • Copy the bio from the Instagram account.
  • Free of ad.

General settings for Instagram Plus

  • Hide comments on photos and clips when choosing a list view.
  • Control the automatic playback of the audio in the clips using the Blaster plug-in.
  • Allows automatic playback of Instagram Plus clips for iPhone.
  • View images and view them in full size.
  • Control the image size of the zoom and zoom through the options available to you.
  • Control the display or hide the date and time of the image or video clip on the Start menu.
  • Ability to make copies of the attached text for photos and video clips on your PC.
  • Activate the option of two clicks on the image to like your image or video.

Download Instagram Plus for further story settings

Instagram Plus provides you with a variety of options that allow you to control your story and the group of friends stories that are presented to you.

  • Identify stories as read without having to open them.
  • Stop the automatic transition of the story, moving to the stories of other friends.
  • There are many options to save the story, such as: Locating it, selecting the quality you want to save the story from, enabling the Auto save for friends stories option.
  • Control the display of alerts in the status bar of your iPhone when saving stories.

Download Instagram Plus for more message settings

For Instagram Plus Direct Messages, you can control them according to the options that suit you such as:

  •  Disable Show Option or Index Read Messages.
  • Enable option or button to save and download video.
  • It also provides more settings for story or story messages for friends, such as: disabling the display of the message read indicator, giving alerts when taking a screenshot, disabling automatic viewing of stories for friends.
  • Locate friends stories.
  • Determine the quality you want to save friends stories.
  • Show alerts in the status bar when you save the story successfully.

Download Instagram Plus to save images and clips without taking screenshot

There are simple options that allow you to save media in a way that suits you from:

  • Enable autosave option for high quality images and clips in Instagram Plus.
  • Determine where to save media on your iPhone as shown in the following image, either on the program or in the new camera album or in the photo album.

Download Instagram Plus

If you would like to use this application, you can download from the below link. I hope you enjoyed this article.

Instagram Plus APK

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