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facebook messenger polls

As one of the most handy applications in the world, Facebook messenger has now become an aid for anyone who is in urgent need of communication. The popularity of this messenger is even getting bigger and many people nowadays know the application too well. Facebook messenger has a lot of fans across the globe and it is mostly used because of having a simple platform and easiness for messaging and texting. You can find various useful features within the app which can help you with messaging on Facebook messenger. Some of these features include: starting a secret chat, playing games with friends and so on. But a functional feature which seems to be too great on Facebook messenger, is Facebook messenger polls.

Facebook messenger polls feature, is a very practical feature on the app which lets you to decide on something to do, with other of your friends, mates or even relatives. Let’s see how we can use that by the guidance provided below.

Facebook messenger polls feature

Have you ever experienced a situation in which you and other of your friends need to decide on something important? You may have faced such matter many times, but what should you do in these special moments? Well, Facebook messenger polls feature has made it easy for users to know what is their peers idea about an important decision.

To conduct a poll on Facebook messenger, you need to first, be on group convo, then tap on “Polls” icon in the compose window. You can also do it in another way. You can select “More” and choose “Polls”. Now, you are able to make your choice list and submit it. By doing so, your friends can see the poll within the chat group and they can start voting on what you have placed the poll.

Facebook messenger polls feature, is absolutely unique since only some other few social applications offered such thing to users ill now. You can use this feature, whenever you need to decide on something very important and you also need other people’s vote on a decision you want to make.

Facebook messenger has also made it possible for users to send and receive money. In a chat room, if you write “You owe me 28$” or “Pay me back”, you can simply have the feature of sending and receiving money within Facebook messenger.

Apart from Facebook messenger polls feature, if you are into knowing about some extra features of Facebook messenger, you should check this Whatsapp Facebook messenger comparison. It will give a full idea of what Facebook messenger offers to users.

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Snapchat vs Facebook

Snapchat is an image messaging and multi-media mobile app. Snapchat pictures and messages are only available for a short time before they become inaccessible. Snapchat has 166 million daily active users.  As you know Facebook is a one of the most popular social media networks all over the world. Facebook is for connecting people around the world. In this article, I want to make a comparison between Snapchat vs Facebook.


Snapchat’s articles are about sexual images while Facebook’s articles are professional, informative and less fun. Snapchat is appealing for millions of people because of its funny contents while Facebook lacks this ability.


In Facebook stories , you need to swipe up and down instead of left and right to use the filters but in Snapchat this feature is different.


Facebook has 1.65 billion monthly active users whereas Snapchat has over 100 million daily users.


Snapchat has impressive engagement but it hasn’t reached Facebook yet. US adults spend an average of 22 minutes a day on Facebook which shows its high engagement.


Snapchat has brought a new content to the world . Its growth is due to its creativity, simplicity and its nice content. It has vertical video. Therefore, compared to Facebook, it wins.


Facebook is creative, informative but not as funny as it used to be. On the other hand, although everybody considers Snapchat as a fun media that for example can turn you into a dog , it is trying to be serious. However, this changed While brands took part in the game of sponsored lenses.

Disappearing images

The main focus of Snapchat is its power of making content disappear. The reason is that it wants its users to check it daily. Snaps last for 24 hours. Facebook has used this idea. It has added a new feature. It has put a timer on its messages to control the time they will be visible to recipient.


This feature is the biggest and the most interesting difference between Facebook and Snapchat. Snapchat has 10 billion video views everyday while Facebook’s video viewers are 8 billion everyday. Facebook has started the idea of 360 videos.  On the other hand, Snapchat tries to compete with Facebook. That is why it uses vertical video and live videos in order to attract more brands. Fcebook is now the winner in this feature.

Snapchat vs Facebook : Advertising

The last but not the least Snapchat vs Facebook feature is advertising.Facebook has creative tools to attract the audience. There has been a 50% increase in Facebook’s active advertisers in a year. On the other hand, Snapchat is in an early stage of growth in advertising.

How to hack Snapchat?

There are many ways to spy on Snapchat. One of the best apps which can parents and employers use, is Underspy app. Underspy is an app which is known to be the most professional one for monitoring kids and emplyees. It can record calls, monitor contacts and messages and access visited websites.

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Facebook vs Twitter

Facebook and Twitter deliver information in very different ways. Facebook is for communication and relationship. Facebook is a multi-purpose social network. It allows users to chat,  post photos and notes and play games. Twitter can post short messages or tweets. They are the two most popular networks in the world.This article looks at their comparison. Facebook vs Twitter differences are as follows.

Facebook vs Twitter: differences


Facebook was released in 2005. At the beginning, only Harvard students could use it. This site gradually supported other universities.  In September 2006, it became available to any user over 13. Twitter was founded in 2006. Twitter is secretive about the number of users.


Facebook lets users to use a wide range of privacy settings such as a completely visible profile.Furthermore, users can choose privacy settings which can’t be searched by anyone except  known friends. Twitter has just two privacy settings: public and private. Only user’s followers can read private messages. Individual messages cannot have different privacy settings.


Facebook supports adds. Facebook sells the user’s information . Twitter does not support adds.


Facebook users are more interested in communicating with friends and family. Facebook users are among seniors and women.  Twitter is most popular among African Americans and Latinos. Twitter users are between 18 and 29. Twitter is better for viral trends.


Twitter and Facebook can be integrated. You can post tweets to Facebook automatically. Many other websites can be integrated to Facebook. These include Good Reads and WordPress. Facebook can be integrated into other websites too. Twitter  can be added to a website and  can be integrated with Instagram.


Facebook has provoked some controversies , especially involving privacy concerns. Facebook prevented users from deleting their accounts until 2010. Whats more,  The site has been repeatedly criticized for removing photos of mothers and deleting their accounts.

How to spy on Facebook?

There are some ways to hack Facebook account easily. Some applications are used for parents to monitor . One of the best ways is under spy.

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facebook messenger money transfer

In today’s world, most people prefer to have a messenger or social network app installed on their android or iOS devices. Applications like Whatsapp, Telegram, Line or even Facebook messenger. According to the latest gatherings, Facebook messenger application, is the most preferable application for those who have joined Facebook social network as well. Through Facebook messenger, users can stay in touch with their Facebook contacts and other contacts too. Even they can stay connected with their Instagram contacts as the latest Facebook messenger update offers contact import between Facebook messenger and Instagram. It also offers another great features that we have highlighted the most functional one in our post. That feature can be called as Facebook messenger money transfer. Through this ability within the app, users are allowed to receive and send money to each other in a fast and secure way.

Facebook messenger money transfer seems pretty great and there are only few applications which offers such a feature like Facebook messenger. In the part below, we have examined a method that allows you to transfer money to anyone you desire. Let’s see what is that.

How to do a Facebook messenger money transfer

In just recent years, Facebook has started to offer users to send and receive money to each other. The app lets you to connect to your credit card within itself and you can receive and send money to your Facebook messenger contacts.

To use this feature, connect to your credit card by going to Profile > Payments > Add New Debit Card. To send or request money, head to a chat room and tap on the + sign in the bottom left corner, then select Payments. Now in the opened space, enter the amount of money you request or you want to send.

Is it safe to use Facebook messenger money transfer feature?

Facebook messenger is in list of few messengers which offers a safe environment to users, however money transferring feature can be a little untrustworthy as hackers could sometimes hack Facebook messenger accounts and steal personal data of users. So you must be careful for your Facebook messenger account, specially your kids account. Lower age users are the only group that are hugely vulnerable to such threats. We suggest you that if you ever needed a application to monitor your kids on Facebook messenger, you can use Underspy monitoring tool. Use this tool to access your kids Facebook messenger account and track him online. This way, you can take care of your children in these social environments.

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