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record whatsapp calls

The ability to record calls is something that many smartphone users are looking for. Nowadays, we do most of our communications via messaging apps like WhatsApp. Many of us now even make their calls via WhatsApp. But sometimes, you may want to record a call to be able to listen to it later. So how is it possible to record WhatsApp calls on smartphones? In this article, I will introduce an application which can enable to record regular calls or record calls on messaging apps. Read along to find out more about Real Call Recorder application.

In many cases we want to record everything that is going on in WhatsApp with complete confidentiality. There are a lot of call recording apps but most of them are designed to record regular calls only. You might be looking for an application which is able to record VoIP calls quickly and efficiently. Real Call Recorder provides the user with the best solution for accessing high quality voice call recording.

If you are looking for a way to record WhatsApp calls, Real Call Recorder application is a great choice for you.

Best app to record WhatsApp calls

It is worth mentioning that Real Call Recorder has achieved a lot of achievements in the recent period because of the high capabilities and the enormous technologies in it. Real Call Recorder application allows you to record calls pressing a button. The Real Call Recorder program is one of the most powerful programs that can be used accurately, as it supports all formats of sound of different types. This application is also able to record calls with high quality and clarity.

It is absolutely easy to use Real Call Recorder application to record WhatsApp calls. This application will not create any interference with your calls and you can even set it to record call automatically.

Features of the best app to record WhatsApp calls

You might be looking for a tool which enables you to record WhatsApp calls. If this is the case, you are in the right place (it rhymes!). Real Call Recorder is an application which allows you to easily record all your calls without too much effort. Here are some of the most significant features of Real Call Recorder application:

  • Record calls with high quality: Real Call Recorder allows you to record all the calls with maximum quality and clarity.
  • Free: Another important feature of Real Call Recorder is that you can use this application to record WhatsApp calls completely free of charge.
  • Save calls with the caller’s number: The program also helps to save the calls by the caller’s number and gives all the caller’s data of his name and all other data and allows options to save the recordings in many ways such as saving them in gallery or sending them by e-mail or within cloud storage
  • Set a timer for recording calls: Real Call Recorder allows you to set a timer and set a date and time for the calls to be recorded.
  • Maintain privacy and security: Real Call Recorder works to preserve the privacy of all files that are recorded so that no one can access them permanently because of the preservation and passwords you can put.
  • Create a call recording list: This application allows you create a list of friends and record all the calls make with them.
  • Remove the beep sound at the beginning of the recording: the program allows you to remove all sounds that appear at the beginning of the recording.

The best call recording software for WhatsApp, which is easy to use so that everyone can handle it conveniently and quickly as the important icons are located on the main interface of the program, and the program is one of the best programs for the field of recording calls on whatsApp.

Download Real Call Recorder to record WhatsApp calls

If you are looking for a tool to record WhatsApp calls, real call recorder is definitely your best option. You can download real call recorder easily from the link below.

Download Real Call Recorder

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download Psiphon

Internet has become one of the most important needs of the modern world, especially after the provision of many wonderful services that facilitate the users in many tasks that may require time and effort. For example, the giant search engine Google can help you to search for specific information in any area.  But the problem you may face is that the site is banned in your country or because you do not have permission to enter it. Many solutions to this problem have emerged, including what is effective and what is useless. There is Hotspot Shield application that helps you to change your IP so that you can browse all sites without restrictions but unfortunately, it is not free and you have to buy the program. In this article I will provide you with the link to download Psiphon which is a great app for unblocking websites.

What is Psiphon?

Psiphon is a software designed for Windows operating system to enable users to surf the internet freely and without restrictions on the content in all sites. You can download Psiphon for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Android phones as well as Apple devices such as iPhone and iPad. You can download Psiphon from the free link at the end of this article to surf the net without limitations.

As I mentioned above, Psiphon is available for both Android and Windows, which are computer, desktop, laptop and even Windows Phone. Here we will explain the most important features of both old and new versions, with the most important updates they have received.

Features of Psiphon application

Here are some of the most important features you can have if you download Psiphon application:

  • Encrypted connection: The Psiphon application provides you with the ability to make encrypted connections between you and the server to ensure that you browse the various sites and no one will be able to spy on the confidentiality of your important data while surfing the Internet. In addition, you can browse all blocked sites in your country without any problem.
  • Secure Connection: Another feature similar to the feature mentioned above, but the difference here is the possibility of establishing a connection that can not be extended or controlled by the service provider in any way.
  • Always available: The Siphon Browser software opens the lock of blocked sites permanently 7/7 days in all hours of the day without interruption and you can use it from anywhere in the world without any problems. You can choose the country you want to use in browsing if you want to and many other features.
  • Multi-platform: One of the most important features of Siphon is that it supports various systems, including the computer operating system and mobile devices.
  • Completely free: Psiphon is available for free, complete and without any hidden expenses or any kind of tricks. You can download Psiphon application completely free of charge.
  • Language support: Psiphon supports most languages in the world to increase the ease of the program as many users suffer from problems related to the use of programs in languages do not know. You can download Psiphon and use it in different languages.
  • Fast and Light: Psiphon 2018 is not a burden on the operating system as it is designed to work in a hidden manner with the system so as not to affect the other programs and the user does not feel any change in performance, thanks to its small size, which does not exceed a few megabytes.

Download Psiphon for computer

Psiphon is one of the most important programs that must be available in your device because it will benefit you greatly in surfing the Internet in a safe and away from the control of service providers. Psiphon new version is easy to use and works on all versions of Windows with high efficiency and without any problems. Here is the direct link to download Psiphon for computer.

Psiphon for PC

Download Psiphon for Android and iPhone

Not only is Psiphon a software for computers, but it also supports all phones, including smart phones. You can download Psiphon latest version easily for iPhone and Android 2018 free. Psiphon 3 is one of the best solutions you can use to connect to the internet completely without the need to license or pay any additional costs, a service that is rarely offered for free.

Psiphon for Android

Psiphon for iPhone

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call recorder app

Free call recording on the phone is something that many users mobile phones are looking for through mobile phone applications that provide voice recording service.  In many cases we want to record WhatsApp calls with complete confidentiality. Or you may even want to do cellphone bugging and listen to someone’s phone conversations. There are a lot of call recorder apps which enable you to record all your calls quickly and efficiently. Real Call Recorder is a call recorder app that provides the user with the best solution for accessing high quality voice call recording.

Best call recorder app

Real Call Recorder app has a different idea in the world of Android applications. It enables you to record many of your calls such as your regular calls and calls made through some applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and some other applications. All you need to do is open the application and enable the call recording feature for the application that you would want.

With the Real Call Recorder, you can record all incoming and outgoing voice calls on your phone all through a small application.

Once you download the application and install it on your phone, it will automatically record every incoming or outgoing call.

The program can also record all conversations at the specific times you wish. It also saves the names and time allocated for each call. It also works in hidden mode and will not play any sort of sound or tone.

Features of Real Call Recorder app

Here are some of the most important features you can have if you download call recorder app:

  • High quality call recording provides the ability to record calls on WhatsApp, Skype and even Tango calls as well as the regular calls.
  • Real Call Recorder app is a free program that allows everyone to record all the calls. It provides the best service in terms of high quality in sound and clarity in it, which makes it one of the best applications for recording calls on Android phones.
  • The app also helps to save the calls by the caller’s number. It gives all the caller’s data and allows the options to save the recordings in many ways such as saving them in phone gallery or sending them by e-mail.
  • Real Call Recorder app can also set the time and date on which calls are recorded.
  • Easy-to-use and high-end application that works well on all devices.
  • You can download call recorder app easily from the Google Play.
  • Dealing with all audio formats and high quality sound. The program also contains a lot of filters to reach the best voices and best.
  • You can create a list of friends to automatically record calls from them.
  • To maintain privacy and security, Real Call Recorder app allows you to put password for your files.
  • The application allows you to remove the beep sound that appear at the beginning of the recording.

Download call recorder app

If you want to use this application to record all your calls easily, you can download it from the links below.

Real Call recorder

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download Clean Master

Clean Master Virus Removal is the best application to protect Android devices from viruses, clean and speed up phones. It is a free application that has gained the trust of a very large number of users around the world and has also impressed many people. If you are experiencing a lot of problems with your smartphone, for example, the device has become somewhat heavy or you have less device capacity than usual and you would want to extend Android battery life, then you need a special application to solve all these problems quickly, simply and effectively. You can download Clean Master application to do so.

What is Clean Master?

By downloading Clean Master to remove viruses, your smartphone is in safe hands. The application is great in every sense. It protects your smartphone from all viruses that damage your device. It accelerates your device and increases the efficiency of your device. You can download Clean Master to have a device as good as it was almost new.

Clean Master is a virus removal tool that removes all viruses and protects your smartphone from damage caused by viruses. Clean Master will rid you of frequent images and files so that you can effectively differentiate them. The application also removes blurry images that you do not want to keep on your phone.

Clean Master also accelerates your system very effectively by eliminating files that drain your smartphone’s battery so that your device is faster, stronger and effectively protected from all viruses that threaten the safety of your smartphone.

Every time you download a new application for Android on your smartphone, some small files are downloaded for those applications and even when you remove those applications from your phone, those small files still exist and they certainly occupy an area of ​​your phone memory and with the accumulation of those small files, there is less memory available to download files or other applications. But with the Clean Master application, you can remove those small and useless files and thus increases the available space of memory of your device and thus increase the efficiency of the device and make it faster and stronger.

How to use Clean Master application

Clean Master

The simplicity of the Clean Master application and its ease of control make it easy to use and handle.

By using Clean Master you can protect your phone from viruses as well as hackers by using a PIN on all applications and files you want to protect from anyone trying to access the contents of your phone.

Protect your important files with Clean Master

If you want to protect the contents of your private phone from hackers, you can download Clean Master to have the App Lock feature. Here is how you can use this feature:

This feature allows you to protect all applications and files on your phone with a password. This ensures that no hackers have access to this content and provides you with maximum protection for your privacy. If you want to activate this feature and protect your device, you can click on ‘Protect’.

After clicking Protect, you will see a list containing all applications and files in your smartphone such as pictures, messages, messengers and other files that you may want to protect.

Simply select the files you want to protect by setting up your own password that allows you to open these files and access their contents, and definitely protect them from hackers.

Get rid of the applications that drain your battery

If you notice that your phone battery is draining faster and you need to recharge it more often than usual, it could be because some applications are left open in the background and unnecessarily drain your phone battery.

Here, too, you can count on the great application of Clean Master.You can download Clean Master application on your phone and start using it to get rid of those applications that drain your phone battery. Clean Master knows how to get rid of all the files that are open unnecessarily. This also helps cooling your device so that it does not heat.

By clicking on clean as shown in the image, the Clean Master program starts to work and dispose all useless or open applications even though they are not currently in use. This keeps your phone battery life longer and your phone battery is safe and efficient for a longer time. You can download Clean Master to keep your phone protected and not damaged.

Clean your phone with Clean Master

You can download Clean Master application and use it to remove viruses, clean and speed up your phones. You can get rid of everything that is not necessary and not used in your phone. In this way, you can increase the efficiency of your device and boost your phone performance.

This feature of Clean Master enables you to eliminate all unnecessary files on your phone that do not work at all, but occupy space in your phone unnecessarily.

Protect your phone from viruses

Another very important feature that you can have if you download Clean Master is that you can protect your smartphone from viruses that cause great damage to smart phones and lead to damage to your phone and loss of important contents and may destroy the smartphone completely. Therefore it is important to get a special app to protect your phone from such viruses that threaten the safety of your phone.

Clean Master scans your phone and finds any viruses or threats that threaten your phone’s security and then completely disposes these viruses and protects your phone efficiently.

Features of Clean Master Application

Clean Master

Here are some of the most important features of Clean Master application that may convince you to download Clean Master on your phone.

  • Quick: Clean Master is a high-speed virus removal application that makes it a perfect application from almost all sides. The speed with which this application works makes it possible to use it permanently without consuming too much time and without the need to wait to use the application.
  • Effective: Clean Master application performs all the tasks assigned to it efficiently. It cleans your phone from unnecessary files and viruses that threaten the safety of your phone and protect your files and preserve the contents of your smartphone. You can download Clean Master to perform all this fast and easy.
  • Easy to use: The simplicity of the application and its distinctive design contribute greatly to its ease of use and ease of dealing with. This is also one of the factors that contributed to the spread of the application.
  • Multi-lingual: This application is popular among millions of users from all over the world and the different cultures. This application is available in different languages so that it is understandable and suitable for everyone.
  • Suitable for many operating systems: Clean Master application can also be used to remove viruses and clean phones by many operating systems available, which is best known as the Android operating system. You can also download Clean Master and use it on computers and laptop as well as iPhones and others.

Download Clean Master application

If you would want to use Clean Master application, you can download Clean Master application from Google Play or any other app store. If you are unable to download it from these markets for any reasons, you can download Clean Master from the links below.

Clean Master APK for Android

Clean Master for iPhone

Clean Master for PC

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