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daily burn application

Many people think that exercise is just for the people who are overweight. These days many thin and slim people removed this wrong idea. Exercising is not just for fat people, also it is necessary for for everyone’s health. For some others being fit and making muscles is something pleasant and enjoyable. Many got tired of spending time and money on different gyms and heavy exercises. For some other the time table of the gym is not suitable. They do not have enough time during the day and the only time they got for exercising is late nights which the gyms are closed. In this article, we introduce another way to have a relief exercise far from the crowd and pressure. There are many online losing weight applications like daily burn which help you to exercise at home and at any time you want.

What is daily burn?

Daily burn is an online application which is free for 30 days. After one month, if you wanted to continue having the application, you would have to pay a little money. This application is designed for the ones who can not go to the gyms for several reasons like time, money, awkward trainers and so on. Something that this application does is setting an organized schedule for you to follow the pattern. One the important feature of this application is the professional trainers who observes your actions and results.

How does daily burn work?

Once you have downloaded and installed the application, it gives you an online test which asks you about your personal information. So you have to honestly fill the test by some questions about your current weight, age, gender, length and so on. It also has another option which asks you to choose the methods of exercise if you want elementary, intermediate or advance. On the other hand, you can choose your goal if you want to lose weight, stay fit or make muscles. This application has many pro and famous trainers who set the daily exercises for you.


Who are the trainers?

The personal trainers that work with DailyBurn are as follows:

Bob Harper
Ben Booker
Justin Rubin
Cody Storey
Andrea Speir
Briohny Smyth
Anja Garcia
Judi Brown
Keaira LaShae

Other features of daily burn

This application contains the variety of exercising so you can select everything you want to do.

Black Fire
DailyBurn 365
Cardio Sculpt
Live To Fail
True Beginner
Inferno HR
Tactical Bodyweight Training (TBT)
Pilates (Phase I & II)
Total Cardio
Beautiful Belly Yoga

As I mentioned above, this application is free for thirty days and if you liked to continue to the process, you could pay a little money. Other wise if you did not like the application, you can stop it in each part you are. This application also can gives you the report of the calories you consumed and the calories you burnt. It also gives you a meal plan which can be a good diet. Enjoy the app and make your dream come true.

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best password managers

Smartphones let you be a member of social networks. These days people are not satisfied with having just one messenger or social application. They want to try the new coming apps and messengers and meet the new features of technology. In response, technology provides this curiosity for people. It is something common to sign in many applications and create accounts every where you want, but how do you remember all the passwords you need for these accounts. In this article, we introduce some of the best password managers which can help you about the passwords and also the security of your accounts.

What are password managers?

When you have to create many accounts for yourself as a business man or an ordinary person, you need to set different passwords for yourself. I mentioned different passwords because the same passwords for all the accounts will increase the chance of hacking and Trojans. Generally, one of the ways to avoid the hackers is setting secured passwords for different accounts. Another important tip is to set a long password which contains the capital letters, numbers and signs. Remembering these difficult passwords is not something simple even for the elders. Writing and carrying the passwords is not really wise. Passwords managers help you to save all the passwords and try to protect you from the hackers.


Lastpass is one the best password managers which store all your passwords even if you set them in different devices. It has another feature that can audibly read the passwords for you. If your passwords are not appropriate, Lastpass change it to a better one. It also change the passwords automatically when you are going to be hacked. It is also available for any operating system.


This is a really powerful and good looking application which is also known as digital wallet. By installing this app you can easily change your desired passwords and share them in emergency. This application enables you to pay your bills online too. You can write your notes in this app.


Roboform has many other features in addition to be the password manager. It can save all your passwords online and offline. You can carry the Roboform8 on the USB and switch it from computers to another. The another feature of this application is the fast speed browser that can save the history of what you searched in your bookmarks.


Despite of the other password managers, Keypass is free. It stores all your password and doesn’t let the device upload to another device unless you give the permission. This app change your password into a unique and strong one if it was not appropriate. Even if you lost the password of the application, the only thing you need to do is using the thumb drives. It is also available for any operating system. Another feature that separate it from others is that Keypass can easily login to the websites.


Like the other password managers, Dashlane stores all your password and let you change them all at the same time. One of the perfect feature is that it can change the password as soon as it is going to be hacked. This app enables you to share your password with your desired contacts if you couldn’t access your account.

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about ccleaner

At the first days of technology because the equipment was not as wide as today, people did not face any problem with their computers. These days we use many applications and so many websites that can slow down the system. If you check your device after some whiles using, you will see how much useless apps and data you have. These caches do not show themselves just by filling the space and speed down the device. In this case, we recommend one of the popular application to get rid of the problems of your windows. Ccleaner which is the most used app, can help you to give your computer a longer life.

What is ccleaner?

Ccleaner is an application mostly for the devices which runs with Microsoft windows. It helps you to clean the bulky and useless files and make more space in your computer. Whenever you use or download any application, you will save the relevant files into your cache. In this case, ccleaner deletes the cache automatically even the cache from other browsers like Firefox, Chrome and so on. It also can be a good protector in the way which cleans the history of your browser. So it doesn’t keep any trail of where you have been and what you have searched.

How does ccleaner work?

Once you have installed the app, it has the default setting which erases the temporarily files and the full cache. Another feature of this application is that you can go to the setting and  specify your desired files to be cleaned. By once you have checked the files, this app will clean them later itself. Some windows devices run some applications as the systems startup. If you are the one who has this problem, ccleaner will help you to check your desired app in the startup.

Other features

Although this app can be a protector of your privacy, it can not be as antivirus. Because the application can recognize the useless files and the history, many people think that it can recognize the Trojan and the Malware but it cannot. Another thing that is necessary to know is that you do not need to install this application on your new device. Because ccleaner erase the cache frequently, it can be a little harmful to your device. Deleting cache for a long time slow down your browser. The another thing that can suffer users is deleting the history of browser. Many people want to keep the history for the next time, but this app won’t let them access the previous websites.

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forest application

Nowadays with the extension of the technology, people have got addicted to their smartphones. This may happen for everyone. People can not put their cellphones away even when they are with friends or the most important person of their life. This addiction made people less sociable and causes the extreme isolation. Many people have just one best friend which is their phone. This issue is going to be a disaster in the future. In addition to the isolation, it can stop people from doing the routine but necessary jobs they have to do. In this article we have provided you a method, forest application to prevent this bad habit from becoming an addiction.

What is forest application?

This application is free on android and needs a little payment for ios. Once you have purchase it is enough to use it for ever you want. As you download and install this app on your phone, you will have a little seed which you have to grow it by high concentration on what you do without phone. This app is somehow like the focus keeper, another application for iphon which makes you to focus on your job for a short time and rewards you with a break. On the other hand, forest wants you to keep your cellphone away and not to kill your daily time with checking social network and any other apps on your phone.

How does forest work?

As I mentioned above, you will have a small seed at the first you install the app. You have to set a time to do your daily jobs without any distraction from your phone. The default time of the app is thirty minutes which you can increase it. The application is open during the set time. If you check your phone to see how is the growth process, you will receive a message “go back to your work” or “don’t look at me”. Whenever you finish your time successfully, you will have one tree. Otherwise, if you exit the app to check any other app or to answer the message you receive, you will ruin your tree and the only thing remains is an only branch.

The other features

Forest application is a good motivation to plant lots of trees and make your own field. The more time you set, the more trees you plant. You can also share your tress with your friends and make a competition. After you have made a great field, this application gives you a credit for planting a real tree in a development country. This app can be a great reward for the ones who love nature.

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