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BBM application is for free voice and text chat. You can download BBM on all kinds of mobile phones and all kinds of operating systems to send text messages instantly and share files and make free phone calls with your friends and family from all over the world. Just exchange BBM code to any friend and start chatting with them. BlackBerry Messenger allows you to communicate with your friends and send messages or pictures. BBM uses identification numbers instead of phone numbers or e-mail addresses, and you can always control who you want to communicate with. In this article, I will provide you with all you need to know about BBM application along with the link to download it. So read along if you are interested.

What is BBM application?

BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) is an online instant messaging application developed by the Canadian giant BlackBerry, which was promoted when launched in the company’s phones before being circulated later on other operating systems. The application was only for Blackberry devices before. But later, the Blackberry company decided to offer it for Android and iOS platforms as well.

BlackBerry Messenger is the official instant messaging tool from the famous Blackberry devices, which allows the exchange of messages and chat with friends and acquaintances of other BlackBerry users. Also, Android users and iOS users can download BBM application and enjoy great BBM features.

How secure is BBM application?

BlackBerry Messenger is best known for BBM Protected system, which encrypts every message with a special code, which makes it almost impossible to spy on BBM messages.
BlackBerry Messenger offers a variety of services, including individual or group chat, where you can send messages and talk to your friends in groups, as well as BBM Video, which allows you to communicate with the person you want to face to face with your mobile phone front camera and all these amazing features are provided in a secure environment and you can feel safe to download BBM on your phone.

Features of BBM application

Here are some of the most important features you can have if you download BBM application for Android and iPhone:

  1. A free application that is available to everyone.
  2. BBM application has as a high degree of privacy and safety.
  3. Before, it was only available for BlackBerry devices. But now it supports all different Android devices.
  4. This application features a new interface which facilitates the process of communication and chat with friends.
  5. It also allows sending and receiving pictures and videos.
  6. Can correspond to friends through the pin number.
  7. Can be controlled through the searching of previous messages.
  8. Send messages to a number of friends in groups
  9. The most important thing in the new version of BBM is the ability to send high quality images and also has been making general improvements at the application level.
  10. You can change your personal photo easily and conveniently.
  11. Users can also select and choose who can contact them.
  12. Make a group video call.
  13. Determine the location. the user can allow others to know where they live on a particular map.
  14. Undo sending a message.

Download BBM application

If you would like to download BBM application on your Android or iPhone, you can use the below links to download the file.

BBM for Android

BBM for iPhone

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