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Pokemon Quest game

Pokemon Quest game is a free action and adventure game generally for IOS. The good news is that this game is recently available for Android users. This game already has over millions of users in all over the world. The game has a blocky, voxel style design. Pokemon is set in an island with many players who control the base camp management and Pokemon team. This game is completely different from all the Android games and IOS games. The producer of this game can easily announce that this game is one of the most addictive game worldwide. So if you have something important to do during the day, we do not recommend this game to you.

What is Pokemon Quest game?

If you can remember there was a traditional Pokemon RPG during your childhood. This Pokemon is not like that. Once you have installed the game, you have to select your first Pokemon from a familiar roster of starters. These Pokemon are the red and blue and other colors cute cubes. Each starter has a unique attack. These Pokemon do not differ for the strength or weaknesses. Pokemon is free to play as you expect it with in-app purchases. The system requirements for Pokemon Quest are basic. The only thing that it needs is a phone which running Android OS 4.4 or newer one and 2 GB of RAM.

How to play Pokemon Quest game?

As long as you start the game, you will begin exploring the different areas. Every starter Pokemon has a beginning stage area which makes playing easier for you as a starter. When you are in the game, you have to start being friend with other Pokemon. Add and upgrade them to your team. After extending your team, you have to take them out on expeditions to start stealing and loot and also fight with wild Pokemon. Each level you enter has a difficulty level which is shown by a number. This number enables you to compare your team’s power level with others in order to determine the chance of success. If the comparison number was really high, it is better to ignore the competitor and start battling another one.

Another feature of the game is that you can cook meals by using different ingredients which are available during the play. Something that you cook is unique and it helps you to attract different types of Pokemon. it is really important to use different recipes and ingredients to attract more Pokemon and make your team bigger. A great part of your playing includes cooking delicious food for Pokemon. Totally the game process includes of four parts which are base camp management, story line, Pokemon’s training and the last one is to attract new ones by cooking.The player’s team have to clear the land from wild Pokemon. For this players need to go through the 12 locations. For each level, players can bring up to three Pokemon with their selves.

Download Pokemon Quest game

This game has millions of fans in all over the world. Recently, there were some people who were addicted to this game. They spent all their time in the street and alleys to search for new Pokemon. There were some news about the accidents of some people because of the careless players who did not care about the moving of cars in the street. If you are into the game and want to download it please be care full during the play.

Download Pokemon Quest for Android

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best Android games 2018

Today is the world of technology and the creative people like the Apple and Android owners have been using this technology to show their creativity and power to the world. Beside the owners, there is an intense competition among the fans of these two operating systems. This competition means a lot to the games addictions especially more than the messengers and any other social media. Iphone has presented many games which just belong to its  own users but it doesn’t mean that Android lack something. In opposite, there are several Android games and also Android applications which made the Iphone users wish for that.

The best Android games

There are many games addictions which are looking for the latest and the most addictive games. There has been many dangerous and mentally harmful games which attracted many teenagers like Mariam game or Night Terror that found so popular by the young people. Here we want to introduce many other games which can be a good replace for murdering ones.

Alto Adventure

This is one the Android games which has the most fans. Alto’s Adventure is a side-scrolling endless runner snowboarding game. The character moves automatically through procedurally generated landscapes towards the right side of the screen. The player can only control when to jump. The player taps the screen once to jump and holds the screen, while the player character is midair to perform tricks. While the character moves across the landscape, the player can complete some of the game’s 180 goals. Remember that they are given only three at a time.

Goals include such things as traveling a set distance, rescuing runaway, crossing dangerous gaps, grinding across rooftops of villages, and outsmarting the mountain elders. The player receives awards from completing goals, and can also collect coins that use to purchase upgrades. Players perform tricks in quick succession, or combos, to earn points towards a competitive high score. The game also tracks distance traveled and trick combos. Later in the game, players can use a wing suit, which changes some elements of the game. The environments of Alto’s Adventure change in lighting as time passes through the cycle of the day, and incorporate various weather effects.


Battleheart create a unique party of heroes, and lead them in frantic real-time battles against monsters of ever increasing power. Lay waste to your foes with dozens of unique special powers as you gain experience, upgrade your party’s equipment, and craft them into the ultimate battle force! Using a unique line-drawing touch controls, unleash your party of fantasy heroes upon the battlefield. Battleheart gives you access to dozens of powerful skills. It turn your opponents into frogs, stun them with poisons, or simply destroy them with meteor strikes and whirlwinds of steel! Further improve your party through 100 unique items scattered across a 30+ level campaign, complete with nail-biting boss encounters! Once you’ve saved the kingdom, put your party to the ultimate test in survival arenas, where rare and unique rewards await! And it’s all brought to life by incredibly sharp HD art and animation!

PUBG Mobile

One of the best and free android games is PUBG mobile. Player Unknown Battlegrounds is a player action game in which up to one hundred players fight in a battle royal, where players fight to remain the last alive. Players can choose to enter the match solo, or with a small team of up to four people. In either case, the last person or team left alive wins the match. Each match starts with players parachuting from a plane onto a map area.

How to play?

Once they land, players can search buildings and other sites to find weapons, vehicles, armor, and other equipment. Players can opt to play either from the first-person or third-person perspective. Any player who caught outside the safe area taking damage and being eliminated if the safe zone doesn’t enter in time. In game, the players see the boundary as a shimmering blue wall that contracts over time. At random, a plane will fly over various parts of the playable map and drop a loot package. These packages emit highly visible red smoke, drawing interested players near it and creating further confrontations. At the completion of each round, players gain in-game currency based on how long they survived, how many other players they had killed, and how much damage they dealt to other players.

Monument Valley

This Puzzle game is one of the Android games of the year. In Monument Valley, player-character princess Ida journeys through mazes of optical illusions and impossible objects. These objects are referred to as “sacred geometry” in-game, as she journeys to be forgiven for something. You can have the game in isometric view, and the player interacts with the environment to find hidden passages as Ida progresses to the map’s exit.

Each of the ten levels has a different central mechanic. Interactions include moving platforms and pillars, and creating bridges. The player is indirectly cued through the game by design elements like color, and directly cued by crow people, who block Ida’s path. The game includes a camera mode where the player can roam the level to compose screenshots. It includes filters similar to those of Instagram.

The Escapists

In The Escapists, the player, who assumes the role of a prisoner, must escape prison. In the beginning the player can choose all the names of every prisoner and guard. Players may acquire various tools to aid in their escape, by crafting them, bartering for them from other inmates, or by stealing them. Players can complete tasks for fellow inmates to improve their standing among them. Engaging in activities like exercise and study allows players to level up their characters, improving their abilities and their chance of escape.

Players must avoid discovery by the prison guards, and must follow the prison’s daily routines, such as eating prison meals. Players must be careful to hide their tools, as guards will periodically search the inmates’ cells. If caught, the player is sent into solitary confinement, and their progress with the escape is reset. There are a number of escape methods including inciting riots, via vents, roof escape, among others. The prisoner will generally need various weapons to win a fight with inmates or guards, the best of which is the Nunchuks or Whip. There are many types of weapons such as a guard’s baton or plastic fork.

Riptide GP Renegade

One of the different Android games is Riptide. A jetski-style racing video, it sees you, a disgraced former champion, competing against other racers, performing stunts and defeating bosses for a chance to reclaim your former glory. It’s built on the developer’s own engine and plays like a dream, honestly. It’s also a fantastic way to test your mobile device’s horsepower. Another feature of this application is that you can play online with your friends and also it enables you to divide your screen into others and see  how they move.

Mushroom 11

Mushroom 11 is a quest of destruction and survival. This game will give you an unforgettable experience and allow you to feel what it’s like to be a new biological species. You can also call it a mushroom puzzle or a mushroom platformer. Here, it’s all about self-destruction and shape-shifting, which allows you to manipulate things around. You take control of a new fungus, which is capable of immediate regeneration. Due to this ability, you can move, absorb objects, and change your structure and size.

The events of the game take place in a post-nuclear world, and apparently, people are long gone. But being an indestructible mushroom with your ability to regenerate, you can transform into infinite number of forms and thereby modify your body for the purpose of the most comfortable and successful navigation through the game levels.

Out there

This is another of best and interesting Android games. Earth is exhausted of resources and no longer a viable planet for its human civilization, whose unsustainable growing made it impossible for developing society any further. An astronaut is sent to Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter, in order to find viable resources to supply Earth. Onboard of his ship, the Nomad, the astronaut sleeps in cryonics until reaching his destiny. Unfortunately, he wakes up in an unknown location, far away from the Earth.

Through his adventure, the astronaut meets many alien creatures. There are 3 civilizations that the astronaut interacts with that have a major impact: The Judges or Architects, the responsible for the destruction of solar systems, Star Iron, that runs the station the player can resupply in, and People Death, the original creators of Star Iron and survivors of another species whose home world was destroyed by the Judges.

How it ends?

The game ending depends on which civilization the player decides to speak to or help. If he speaks to the Judges, he is only informed of what happened to him and to Earth. If he confronts People Death and defeats them, they will see them as a sort of godly being. So they allow him to use their army to ravage worlds. Only if the player helps Star Iron destroying the Judges enclave, he can use the wormhole of the system.

The system has the enclave was located to travel through space and back in time to reach 22nd century Earth. Then it can bring new technology and a new hope for Humanity. There is also a fourth ending, added in the “Omega Edition” of the game. In this ending the player uses one the Arks left behind by humans who tried to flee Earth to colonize a new planet for Humanity and rebuild civilization.

Plague Inc

Plague Inc. is a strategy-simulation game in which the player indirectly controls a plague which has infected patient zero. The player can choose between various game-modes and pathogens and complete the objective set by the game-mode by evolving the plague and adapting to various environments. The objectives include, but are not limited to: Infecting and killing the world’s population with a pathogen, enslaving the world’s population with the “Neurax Worm” or converting the world’s population into zombies with the “Necroa Virus”. However, there is a time pressure to complete the game before humans, the opponent, develop a cure for the plague.

The player can play as many different types of pathogens, each with its own perks which influence evolution decisions. Initially, the player may only select bacteria. Subsequent pathogens are unlocked by winning the game with the previous one on Normal or Brutal Mode. These include virus, fungus, parasite, prion, nano-virus, and bio-weapon. There are also special plagues such as the mind-controlling Neurax Worm, the zombie plague Necroa Virus, the ‘Simian Flu’ from Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and the vampire themed Shadow Plague.

Hero Academy

HERO ACADEMY returns with new card collection, deck building, and real-time matches! Craft your deck then plot your moves across several unique battle boards. Fight real-time PvP arena battles worldwide and play cross-platform games with mobile players. Compete to rule the academy in the ultimate combo of card battles, tactics, and player vs. player competition! Build your deck, then outwit your opponent on the battlefield! Card gaming meets fast-paced tactical combat!

How to play?

Enter the arena to fight other players and foes in fast, turn-based battles.
Explore the Academy in single player campaigns and challenges!
Monthly seasons give you many chances to climb the leader boards and win rewards. Collect hundreds of Hero Academy’s trademark heroes across multiple factions. Build your decks and discover a near endless set of strategies. Crafting makes every win meaningful and every card valuable!

Last words

I hope you enjoy the Android games. There are millions of IPhone and Android games which you do not know anything about. In order to be informed of the latest and newest applications and games, please follow our website.



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setup home VPN server

By the expanding of several different VPNs, people can use the internet more easily and widely. They use VPN to unblock the websites which are not permitted in their country. There are many professional VPNs like VPN360, Psiphon and Hotspot Shield. Are these VPNs really safe? Can the most professional one protect our data completely from hackers? These VPNs are perfect but they are not responsible for everything. If someone hacks you, who are you going to blame? In this article, we guide you to setup home VPN server to surf in the internet safely.

How the home VPN server is good?

The home VPN server gives you a encoded tunnel. With this code, you can enter the out of town IP by the inside one. This is possible for the public WiFi. So the home VPN ignores the distance and the place. Setup home VPN server to share a home network online and play offline group games world widely. This equipment enables you to use the services of a specific country or city.

How to setup home VPN server for windows?

Setting up a home VPN server is a simple job. The only thing you need is VPN sever application. Remember that your device has to permanently on during the time you setup the server. Firs of all,download and install the OpenVPN server application or something like this. The VPN servers are available for any kind of operating system. Windows, LINUX and MAC. You just need to send the appropriate ports from rooter into the server computer. This job is simply possible by editing the modem setting.

What are PPTP  and L2TP?

Most of the android devices are able to create VPN account. Except the limited ROMs which this qualification has been deleted manually. To setup the VPN has the same way in all kind of androids and it is not relevant to the brand of device. There are two ways for setting up. PPTP ,L2TP . If you are connected to WiFi, you can use both but if you are connected by GPRS, it is better to use L2TP.

How to setup VPN server for cellphone?

Go to the main menu and click on setting. From the setting select “Wireless & networks”. Choose VPN settings. In this part, you can list the VPNs you make. For making new one, click on “Add VPN’. In this part setting up a VPN separates based on PPTP and  L2TP. Because most of the android devices has the qualification of PPTP, So here we just talk about this one.After going to “Add VPN” select “Add PPTP VPN”. Enter your desired name. Back to the previous page and see your Vpns which you made. Fill the username and password. You can save them for others entrance.

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best android video players

Android applications, are becoming widely known for each people around the world. people are using these apps to feel better about using their android device. There are millions of app in the online app markets. Some of them are communication apps, plenty of them are games and many others are video or audio players. As many people, nowadays prefer to watch their favorite videos, photos and audios in their smartphones, the need to install video players to watch videos with a better or let’s say high quality, has increased. So, in order to have a great android experience, you should try to pick the best android video players. This can be sort of confusing, but not unless you try the list we have provided below.

If you are into choosing the best android video players for your android device, then you should absolutely take a look at the list of them below. It’ll give a nice idea of which one to choose.

The list of the best best android video players

Are you an avid fan of watching series and TV shows or even YouTube videos? If you are, then you must give our list a try. Let’s have a closer look.

MX player

No doubt that MX player will come at the top of our list as it was rated for the best android video and audio player by the Google store users. You have the experience of watching movies in an HD quality even if the video’s original quality is lower than that. You can enjoy watching the movies with subtitles and you can also alter the screen’s ratio as the size you want. There are various custom codecs available which makes you able to watch every types of videos and movies with different qualities.

VLC for android

You may have heard of VLC player if you use PC device each day. VLC was first released for Windows and Windows users could only use such a player. But thanks to android, you can now use this video player on your android device. This player almost plays every types of videos such as MP3, MP4, MKV or FLAC. It also supports network streaming and media library organization. You can enjoy listening to multiple audio tracks as well.


As one of the best android video players, PlayerXtreme is absolutely one of the greatest. The app was originally created for iOS users, but it then released for android as well. The application supports more than 40 different formats of videos which seems great. You can enjoy Frame-by-Frame playback, variable playback speed and subtitle features.


KM player is definitely among the best android video players in the world of android applications. Cloud storage is supported in this video player and support of MP4 and MKV videos with subtitles are included within the abilities of this player.  Users can also watch videos in a windowed mode as well as view content stored in Google Drive.

BS player

Among the best android video players, BS player is totally fit the best position in this category. By the software and hardware decoding in this application, you can watch almost every type of videos and movies you desire. There is also built-in subtitles feature within the app which applies for the formats like MKV. “Pop Viewer” is another great feature of the app which makes you able to watch your movies in a smaller window, above other of your apps.

This was the list of the best android video players which if you download and install them, you can have the bets experience of watching movies on your android device. These apps are specially good for series watching lovers.

If you are also searching for android music players, you can take a look at the best android music players.

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