Unlocked Smartphones under 100

With the increasing number of smartphone manufacturers, it is much easier and cheaper to own an android device with acceptable specifications. Most phones that you can buy are locked to a specific operator. It means that you can only use it on one or two carriers’ networks. On the other hand, unlocked phones aren’t limited…


How to Hack Hike Messenger

Hike is a messaging app which allows its users to send and receive text messages, videos, audios, stickers, as well as locations for free. Hike Messenger is a fast and easy way to chat for free with your friends on your phone.The setup process is simple and very similar to WhatsApp. As for privacy, Hike…


Best Android Antivirus 2017

The idea of installing an antivirus on mobile devices might seem useless to some people. But there are a number of reasons why it is a good idea to install an antivirus on your android device. The widely popular android system from Google is weak in security and is often prone to malware attacks. Installing…

risks of rooting android device

Risks of Rooting an Android Device

If you have researched about android devices, you probably have heard of rooting an android device and worries that may arise about the risks of rooting an android device. Rooting an android device provides you with complete access to everything in your android phone’s operating system. and of course for mobile users having more options…


Secure WhatsApp Alternative

It is unarguable that WhatsApp messenger is the most popular instant messaging app worldwide. But many may worry about its security. Of course, privacy is a big deal for internet users as you may be sharing much more information than you think and you may worry if WhatsApp is really as secure as you think…