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whatsapp recent chats

Social networks are nowadays becoming the most important part of our lives and doing without them, is somehow impossible due to our daily communications. There are many of which you place international calls which include video call or voice call and you can also send text messages to anyone across the globe. As one of the leading social applications in the entire world, Whatsapp has become an ultimate choice for those who want to have all the mentioned characteristics of a standard social app. Whatsapp has drawn millions of users attention to itself by offering some fantastic options which have made it easy for them to have a very convenient experience when using the app. One of the greatest options available for this application is that you can see Whatsapp recent chats without opening the app.

When someone send you a message, the widget of the application shows you a profile picture of the contact who has send you a message. You will also receive the number of how many unread chats you had with that specific contact. Once you receive such thing, you can click on that chat, then you will be able to see that specific chat on Whatsapp.

There is actually a way that allows you to see your Whatsapp recent chats without going into the app. You may be wanting to watch your messages in a specific chat within Whatsapp without opening it, so in this post, we are to show you a very simple method for doing so. Notice that the method that we have provided below, is only applied to iOS based devices. So for getting more info, let’s get started.

A detailed walk-through to see Whatsapp recent chats without opening the app

On iOS, there is a detailed and not a difficult way of seeing your recent chats without opening the app. You should just follow the steps below, then you can do such a thing on Whatsapp. Follow the steps below:

  • In your iOS device homwscreen or lock screen, swipe from left to right
  • Scroll down to the Edit icon at the bottom
  • Add the WhatsApp Recent Chats icon
  • And finally, Rearrange the order of your widgets

There you are. Now you are totally done with the method to see your Whatsapp recent chats without entering the app. This method can help you a lot in occasions when you are in an urge and you don’t have time to check all of your messages on Whatsapp. You can simple just answer someone quickly and as fast as possible to save your time.

There actually many other Whatsapp features and tricks which if you click on the link given to you, you will be able to see all of them at once and you will have a complete idea of how you can do them on your Whatsapp social messenger. It is actually a list of Whatsapp secret features and once you read that post, Whatsapp will be as the most convenient experience you have ever had.

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telegram bots

There are nowadays many social applications world wide which have helped people to communicate in a convenient way. As one of the most famous applications, Telegram is now becoming a huge trend for most of the people around the globe. Millions of active users are enjoying the app nowadays and they are having a great experience of the app due to its various features and options. A great feature within the app is its bots which has come as a handy option in Telegram. By these Telegram bots, you will be able to have a wider range of options including some payment features, voting bots and many others.

Telegram bots are very innovative features of Telegram and many users are now using them. But we should know that not everyone know how to work with them, so we have decided to show a method to understand how you can use this feature of Telegram. Before getting started, let’s have a quick review over bots and see what are they and how they work.

What are Telegram bots?

Bots are some kinds of third-party apps inside Telegram and users can interact with them by sending messages. You control your bots using HTTPS requests to our bot API. They are actually some Telegram accounts that allow users to do a variety of tasks and functions such as broadcasting, playing games and acquiring information. These are very useful applications and nowadays have changed into the hot stories of Telegram.

Steps for using Telegram bots

There is a method which you will be further able to use some special Telegram bots and they are as follow:

  • Open Telegram and tap on new message
  • Now, type the name of the bot you like by adding as a prefix
  • For example, you can write @Walking dead to get the information regarding to this series

If you don’t want to use this method, you can do an alternative way which is as follows:

  • Open Telegram and go to search
  • Type the name of the bot you want to get the info of
  • Now, you should tap on results
  • Finally, hit start to begin interacting with the bot

There are also some Telegram poll bots which allows users to vote for something within a group or channel. You can write”@vote” to start to vote for something.

As the final matter, it should be noticed that Telegram bots are very useful and functional features of Telegram and if you are into using them, you can follow the steps above, to get the clear idea of how you can use them.

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instagram pictures

Probably, Instagram is one of the best social applications in the field of photo sharing social apps at the current time. Lots of features and options within the app, have made it a perfect media which thousands of users have easy and fast access to it. Just like many other social networks such as Facebook, Whatsapp and Telegram, Instagram has done pretty well, although there were occasions when hackers could breach into Instagram accounts and hack Instagram accounts of millions of users. But this can be granted for the good services which Instagram has offered and made it easy for users to have a convenient communication. There are many good things which you can do with Instagram, but not everyone is aware of how they can do these stuff within the app. As one of the greatest tips for those who adore making perfect pictures of themselves, we offer a useful Instagram editing tip which can help you to make beautiful Instagram pictures.

You may have many times tried to make couple of nice photos of yours, but you couldn’t. But don’t worry. The tip which we have provided for you, is going to be much help to beautify your Instagram pictures. If you are also new to Instagram, you definitely need to follow the steps we have provided for you below to get the idea of how you can create adoring Instagram pictures.

Beautify Instagram pictures by following the steps below

Fortunately, Instagram offers several editing tools which can help you to make stunning Instagram pictures of yours. As the first step for making your Instagram picture more beautiful, you need to put some filters on your poor shot photo. This can be a nice method of beautifying your Instagram pictures. You can also do something in order to make your Instagram pictures glowing by adjusting the brightness and contrast, adjust warmth or saturation and changing the colors. All of these features were built-in features of the app which Instagram offers them naively. There are also some other options available for you to make perfect Instagram pictures which are as follow:

Beautify Instagram pictures by Installing and using third party editing apps

You can use some third party apps to beautify your Instagram photos. Those applications are included:


As one of the greatest tools for making your Instagram pictures stand out, we offer you VSCOcam. There are a lot of editing tools and filters within the app and you can use as many as you want to make some magnificent photos of yours to posting them on the network.


For most of people who are avid fans of Instagram, Filmborn might be familiar to them. By this application, not only you can make some changes in your Instagram pictures, but you can adjust you videos as well. This can be great for an application to have a versatile function for its users.


Snapseed is an editing application that most of Instagram users, are fan of it. The app is available for both iOS and android and it offers many different features for editing your Instagram pictures. If you are not satisfied with you taken photos, then you can select some astonishing filters, effects and enhancements to your photos with Snapseed.


Another great tool to improve your Instagram pictures, is certainly Aviary. With this application you can have many various effects, frames, stickers and enhancement which makes you able to transform your photos, into some fabulous, great memorable pictures. The app also has some extra features like drawing and texting which allows you to have a wider range of options.

In a nutshell

Instagram pictures can be adjusted or transformed into great photos of yours and that is outstanding. But for doing so, you are required to try some methods of beautifying pictures within Instagram and also to use some third party apps. For having a better experience of Instagram photo sharing, you should use the tips mentioned above and of course download and install the third party apps as told previously. If you are new to Instagram, you should absolutely give the tips above a try to make your Instagram posts, videos and photos stand out among the others.

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best android video players

Android applications, are becoming widely known for each people around the world. people are using these apps to feel better about using their android device. There are millions of app in the online app markets. Some of them are communication apps, plenty of them are games and many others are video or audio players. As many people, nowadays prefer to watch their favorite videos, photos and audios in their smartphones, the need to install video players to watch videos with a better or let’s say high quality, has increased. So, in order to have a great android experience, you should try to pick the best android video players. This can be sort of confusing, but not unless you try the list we have provided below.

If you are into choosing the best android video players for your android device, then you should absolutely take a look at the list of them below. It’ll give a nice idea of which one to choose.

The list of the best best android video players

Are you an avid fan of watching series and TV shows or even YouTube videos? If you are, then you must give our list a try. Let’s have a closer look.

MX player

No doubt that MX player will come at the top of our list as it was rated for the best android video and audio player by the Google store users. You have the experience of watching movies in an HD quality even if the video’s original quality is lower than that. You can enjoy watching the movies with subtitles and you can also alter the screen’s ratio as the size you want. There are various custom codecs available which makes you able to watch every types of videos and movies with different qualities.

VLC for android

You may have heard of VLC player if you use PC device each day. VLC was first released for Windows and Windows users could only use such a player. But thanks to android, you can now use this video player on your android device. This player almost plays every types of videos such as MP3, MP4, MKV or FLAC. It also supports network streaming and media library organization. You can enjoy listening to multiple audio tracks as well.


As one of the best android video players, PlayerXtreme is absolutely one of the greatest. The app was originally created for iOS users, but it then released for android as well. The application supports more than 40 different formats of videos which seems great. You can enjoy Frame-by-Frame playback, variable playback speed and subtitle features.


KM player is definitely among the best android video players in the world of android applications. Cloud storage is supported in this video player and support of MP4 and MKV videos with subtitles are included within the abilities of this player.  Users can also watch videos in a windowed mode as well as view content stored in Google Drive.

BS player

Among the best android video players, BS player is totally fit the best position in this category. By the software and hardware decoding in this application, you can watch almost every type of videos and movies you desire. There is also built-in subtitles feature within the app which applies for the formats like MKV. “Pop Viewer” is another great feature of the app which makes you able to watch your movies in a smaller window, above other of your apps.

This was the list of the best android video players which if you download and install them, you can have the bets experience of watching movies on your android device. These apps are specially good for series watching lovers.

If you are also searching for android music players, you can take a look at the best android music players.

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