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hack wechat account

WeChat is a Chinese social messaging app, the users of this application are able to do lots of things like sending texts , videos, photos, reading the news, order food, sending mobile payments, book a doctor’s appointment and etc. It has about 600 million active users monthly and that’s only 100 million less users than Facebook messenger, But the question is “Is it possible to hack WeChat account?”


Different ways to hack WeChat account

No application is 100% safe and hack proof  there are lots of applications which offer services to hack Wechat account. So if you are willing to find out who your partner or kids are talking to on WeChat we can help you to find the best way. The following apps are the most famous ones among available options.


Account hacker, WeChat spy software and Spyzie! All these apps try to help you keep an eye on people and hack WeChat account none of them are completely reliable.

The best way to hack WeChat account

Is there a totally trustworthy application to allow us spy on someone’s account on WeChat? The answer is for sure yes! There’s a professional monitoring software called Underspy which helps you track any account and control them! Before explaining about this app’s capabilities you should know that there’s absolutely no way that you can spy on someone’s account without having access to their device. Underspy has many useful features such as:

  • viewing all the incoming and outgoing conversations.
  • viewing all call logs
  • Having access to all data even if they are deleted directly from you personal control panel
  • seeing the exact date and time of chats.
  • recording all the voice calls and surrounding sounds
  • having access to GPS location
  • managing internet use
  • sending remote commands to do a variety of functions
  • And so much more!

This app is also very easy to use and you will have no difficulties installing and using it . You ca use it to check your employees, your children and spouse and you’d better know that to hack WeChat account is not all this app can do it can also track whatsap, Telegram, Snapchat, Instagram and … accounts!




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Line vs Whatsapp

Line and Whatsapp are both apps used for sending text messages, photos and videos and they have different pros and cons. You might be wondering which one is the better app to trust and use so we are going to describe their features and flaws to see which one is the winner of Line vs Whatsapp competition.

Line vs Whatsapp price

Both are free and available on iOS and Android and Windows so you can easily download them if you have an internet connection.

Line vs whatsapp rate on Google

Line 4.2

Whatsapp 4.4


Line vs Whatsapp features and flaws

Whatsapp shows the last time a user was last active while this option is not available on Line application. Also Whatsapp can be personalized but Line can’t be so. It’s possible for you to appear offline without logging out on Whatsapp but not on Line.You might also face some problems trying to start Line application which can be fixed by updating the app or restarting your device.

You can be notified when someone has opened your message and also have a two-way video chat on both apps. It’s important to know that Line has brought more fun to group chats by allowing people to send stickers and emojis.

You can’t ignore security flaws  because the safety of your information could be your first priority and when it comes to this matter people definitely wonder which application could win the Line vs Whatsapp contest. We all know that Whatsapp has recently added end-to-end encryption to every conversation. But researches have found a serious security vulnerability, that could let hackers spy on whatsapp and slide into your group chats. This flaw indicates that a person who controls the Whatsapp server can break the transport layer security. This security flaw also means that encryption would not protect the users who don’t check the group info and so they can’t unaware that their group has been infiltrated.

In the end we are not telling you which app to use and which not to use, we only had a small comparison between the two apps (Line vs Whatsapp) so that you can see which one is better for you.


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Instagram vs Snapchat

Both Instagram and Snapchat are popular social messaging apps among people! They have lots of fans!Users who share moments of their daily life with their friends. These apps can also be used for other purposes like marketing! Here we are going to compare Instagram vs Snapchat from different aspects so you can decide which one is a better choice for your target.

 Instagram vs Snapchat


To know the winner of Instagram vs. Snapchat competition, We should consider the following information about both apps:


People tend to send posts with higher resolution on Instagram and unfiltered, raw  ones on Snapchat mostly because posts on Instagram can stay on  your profile but Snapchat posts disappear after 24 hours!But with Instagram having introduced the new story feature, people are also posting more unedited posts on this app so the option of having a temporary post is available on both Instagram(as stories) and Snapchat(as Snaps) and both apps are provided with high security which means it’s too hard to hack Instagram and Snapchat.

Instagram posts are public unless you make your profile private while snaps on Snapchat are usually between two accounts.


Another thing which could be important in choosing the better app in Instagram vs Snapchat contest is to know about the discoverability of people on these two applications. On snapchat only your friends can see your profile and little information is there to be seen while on Instagram you can have a public profile which shows the number of your followers,followings and the posts you have shared.


On Instagram you can like and comment the posts which can be seen by others you can also send direct messages to people which will be read only by the recipient while on Snapchat people can only view their friend’s snaps and  reply them and all this can just be viewed by the recipient(This also is available on Instagram story part )


Instagram has launched ads on its platform and these ads can be easily created by using the robust Facebook ads manager since this app is part of Facebook. Snapchat has also launched its self-serve Snapchat ad manager which makes it easier for businesses to run ads on this application.


Now you can decide whether the app you are using is appropriate for your purpose or not! Hope this was informative enough for you!



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Instagram statistics

Before talking about Instagram statistics let’s take a look to see if it’s even worth it to use Instagram or not!What is Instagram and why Instagram?

What’s Instagram?

It is a social networking app with high security! It’s not really easy to hack Instagram which is made for sharing videos and photos by a smartphone and we all know that this pp is actually very popular among people but why?why should we be in that square-cropped picture?

The answer is clear!It’s the best way to find about what people eat, wear and do everyday!so if you are willing to find out about your friends and favorite people’s outfits or how they spend their holidays or a fun place to eat there’s no better app for you than Instagram. You can also share the cool pictures you take with people! So as you see since it has a great number of users then duh this app could be the best way for you to improve your business and to share it with people!

Some useful Instagram Statistics

Now If you are running a business and you care about the number of your customers but you still aren’t sure if Instagram could help you with this or not, Here are some useful Instagram Statistics for you!

Instagram active users

This app has about 800 million active users monthly!great number huh? It’s even more interesting to know that the number of daily Instagram users jumped from 200 million to 500 million people in just a few months!

80% of Instagram users are from outside the U.S.

Are you willing to take a step forward and share your business with people all around the world? Well you should know that a Statista DMO survey has shown that Russia, Brazil, Turkey, The U.K, Poland, Canada, France and Japan have more than 10 million active users on Instagram

72% of Instagrammers purchase the product they saw on it

So if you can manage to attract their attention you most probably are able to sell your product to a great number of people

Instagram has the highest interaction rate

It has 2.2% interaction rate per follower!

60% of instagrammers are into online shopping

This could be the most important one among Instagram statistics!Have you ever wondered why companies are so much into presenting their products on Instagram in the most creative way? This could be one reason! people are increasingly into online shopping which makes the competition tighter for these companies!

Most Instagram users are pretty rich

It’s impossible to talk about Instagram statistics and not mention Instagrammers income!

31% of internet users who make over 75000$ per year are Instagram users!



Having considered all these Instagram statistics, It’s time that you thought of a good strategy to make an account on this app to spread your business worldwide!






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