Apple to Release a Flexible iPhone

Based on the information from one of Apple’s new patents, the company is seemingly developing a flexible iPhone and seeks to provide a different product to users.

Flexible iPhone
a new iPhone is coming with a surprising new feature

A little about Apple

Many users use Apple products for their high quality. One of the main reasons for using this brand roots in its marketing strategies. Apple’s ads always show cool, fashionable and calm people, mainly focusing on ease of using such products. Moreover, Apple delivers its products to many movies and serials, and the suppliers use the company’s products for movies. At the same time, Apple has encouraged many universities to buy products from the company. It offers a lot of discounts to universities, and many students face with the products of this company.

Whether you like or hate Apple, it is one of the world’s most powerful brands. Although much of its current success owes to its smartphone, the company was a well-known brand before introducing its first iPhone in 2007 till the latest releases like iPhone 8 and iPhone x. For example, we can point to iPods which were a revolution in MP3 players. Similarly, we can mention Apple’s desktop computers that are found in children’s bedrooms to universities. MacBook’s are spread in different places from business meetings of companies to lectures of university professors as well.

Big companies are on it!

Obviously, Samsung is developing a flexible phone and intends to release it in the very near future (early 2019). Earlier, many sources have talked about this new product, and even Samsung displayed the concept of this flexible mobile phone at its developer’s conference. Although this design fascinated many people, others focused more on the strengths and weaknesses of the design, and pose many questions on its bending mechanism.

Are we just facing an entertaining product or is there a bright future ahead of such phones? Apparently, Samsung is not the only competitor in this regard. Other manufacturers like Huawei, LG, ZTE, and Cupertino are also seeking to manufacture a flexible mobile phone! Patents registered through the USPTO provide us with interesting information about the flexible iPhone and possible design of the smartphone

To date, there has been a proliferation of reports and rumors that companies such as Samsung, Huawei, LG, and Apple develop flexible handsets. Recently, Apple has filed a new patent, which points to Apple’s flexible handset.

Since 2013, flexible displays have been publicly available; however, we have not yet seen a company’s flagship phone. Based on the expectations, in the near future, different companies unveil their flexible handsets.

iPhone is in Charge now

According to reports released recently to the media, Samsung will introduce the world’s first flagship smartphone. Most likely, after this Korean brand, we will witness flexible phones coming from Huawei, Xiaomi, and OPPO.

The patents of Apple’s flexible iPhone point to a device with a flexible display with No. 10,104,787. According to this patent, the smartphone’s display is placed on a hinge, which can be used in three positions.

According to reports released to date on the Internet, Apple will not unveil its flexible phone in the near future. It is expected to meet officially with Apple’s first flexible phone in 2020 or 2021.

Companies will release flexible Android handsets next year. It’s likely that Apple will look at how users respond to these products before introducing its flexible phone. Apple will enter the smartphone industry as soon as possible if the handsets are successful in the market.

Flexible iPhone

According to the patent registered in March 2018, now publicly released by the USPTO, Apple is moving in a completely different direction from Samsung. It is testing various ideas for making the iPhone flexible. In this design, manufacturers have used an OLED panel; manufacturers are slowly moving away from the LCD panel and replacing the OLED panels with them. Such screens can solve the current weak points such as color brightness, accuracy, and saturation. To ensure the display’s resistance to frequent bending, Apple has invented a special coating of the polymer and pigmented layers. When added to the OLED panel (by methods such as spraying, immersion or printing), it greatly increases its resistance.

compete for supremacy
Companies seriously compete for supremacy in the mobile phone markets

Apple will develop a huge market, if it releases its flexible screen, as Apple has not yet used the technology in any models. Apple Watch is the only case where Apple uses flexible OLEDs.

The flexible iPhone bends on both sides!

An attractive case is a device that folds both in and out. At the moment, Samsung’s flexible handset only bends inward. This is because, according to reports, Koreans cannot produce a robust display that bends on both sides; what Apple seems to be looking for.

The time we will meet the flexible iPhone is not yet clear. In any case, remember that registering a patent never means a 100% guarantee for its implementation.


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