What is Android VPN and what is it good for

Android VPN

Android VPN

Most of public places are filled with WiFi networks which you probably use as you are in that area. But these WiFi hotpots are totally vulnerable to hackers as they can tunnel into connections and view online activities. In order to stay safe while using public WiFi networks, using an Android VPN is a reliable idea.

What is a VPN?

Simply put, VPN allows you to connect your phone to internet through a secure connection. Data and connection security is only a part of what a VPN can do. You can use an Android VPN to visit websites which are restricted or not available in your country. Furthermore, you can hide your online activity on a public network with a VPN.

Technically, when you connect your device to a VPN, your connection is routed to servers across the world. Imagine there is a server based in United States. When you use a VPN, all your internet traffic is routed through that US based server with a proxy IP address. So if you are in India and surfing the web, websites won’t see your India based IP. Instead, they will see a US based IP adress.

Why would I want to use an Android VPN ?

As mentioned before, your data is not secure over a public network. If you find yourself frequently connecting to public networks, it is highly advised that you install and use a VPN for your smartphone.

For example, if you are checking your bank account while you are connected to a public account, chances are that a hacker sitting right next to you steals your passwords.

Also, if you are an Android user, you may have noticed that some Google Play apps are unavailable in your country. You can simply use a VPN to change your IP address and be able to use the apps which are not available in your country.

Best VPN for android

Hotspot Shield free vpn
Hotspot Shield free vpn

There are a number of VPN applications available for Android smartphones. But you need to choose one wisely! VPNs may reduce your internet speed, which is a real disappointment. Also, some VPN apps tend to disconnect every now and then which is also quite disturbing.

If you are looking for a free VPN for Android Hotspot Shield is a great choice. It is fast, free, and reliable. You can also use Hotspot Shield for Windows if you tend to use your laptop in public places.

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