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5 ways to send location with your smartphone - Underspy Phone Spy App
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5 ways to send location with your smartphone

how to send location
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Sharing your location is a very useful feature of technology especially if you are new in a city. It saves you the trouble of looking for addresses or asking people how to get to a place. Location tracking is now possible with different tools which allow you to send location and know how exactly you can get to a place. You can also use parental control apps to track someone’s location. Let’s take a look at a few different ways to send location with your smartphone through different apps.

Send location via SMS with Android

You can use your Android phone to share your location even if you don’t have internet connection. For the recipients to be able to view the location, they need to have saved the map for offline view. Here is how you can use SMS to share your location with someone:

  1. Open the default SMS on Android
  2. enter the sender name and tap on attachment icon at the left of the input box
  3. Make sure your GPS is on
  4. Tap on Location icon
  5. Select the location and tap on send button

Send location via iMessage with iPhone

iMessage is a messaging service that you can use to contact other people with iOS devices. This service can also be used to send location to a friend. iMessage works on both internet and SMS gateway. This is how you can use iMessage to send your for a person:

  1. Open iMessage and select the contact you want to share location with (If you have never sent them a message before, you need to know their apple ID with which they have registered for iMessages)
  2. Next tap on Details > Sends your location

Send location on WhatsApp

WhatsApp is among  the most popular instant messengers and is used worldwide. So if you and your target person use WhatsApp, you can use this application to share your location. Here is how you can use WhatsApp to send location:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  2. Go to the conversation to whom you want to send your location
  3. Click on the attachment option at the top right (looks like a paper clip symbol)
  4. Choose Location
  5. Tap on Send your current location

Share location on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is another popular instant messenger that is used by most people. Since many people use Facebook Messenger, it is a good idea to send location via this it.

  1. Open Facebook Messenger app and go to the conversation with the person whom you want to send your GPS location
  2. Next tap on the three horizontal dot icon, just above the text field
  3. Choose Location and Turn On GPS
  4. Select Current Location and tap on Send

Send location with Google Maps

If you want to share the location of a place in which you are not present (you want to share the location of your house and you are in your office for example), you need to use Google Maps. Now it might be a little more difficult to share location with Google Maps in comparison to messengers. Here is how exactly you can do that:

  1. Open Google Maps and search for the place you want to share
  2. Zoom in or scroll a little, till you find the exact location you want to share
  3. Long press on the location (click once if you or desktop) to drop a Pin
  4. Tap on the small banner at the bottom, to expand it
  5. click on share Share

Now you can send location through email, instant messengers, or any other app that you would like.


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